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My wife and I travel full time in our RV and our yearly schedule consists of two activities: mountain biking in Utah, Colorado and Arizona, kite boarding in Baja and California. What's hilarious is that I get relatively out of shape in the months where I'm kite boarding every day because it's too easy physically!…
I took your advice and ordered the book, thanks!
I am 62, started MTBing last year at age 61 on the 50 year trail system north of Tucson. I bought a Trek 29er hardtail thinking we would just do easy rides but the trails are fantastic and I am really pushing it on some very challenging trails. A good bit of hiking on the…
I just turned 62 and moved to Tucson this past June. With absolutely no experience I decided to try mountain biking, got started riding and could not believe how stoked I was to be dodging chollas and prickly pears through this beautiful desert. And I always rode alone. I think maybe because it was 95+…
dohoagland   on Aug 31, 2016
spec'd a bike: Trek X-Caliber 9
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