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I wish I could go pack-less. It all comes down to water. Aside from not having a wb cage on my frame, in the summer months especially, I'm consuming easily 1.5L (humid northeast or dry southwest). But you have me considering going more minimal in cooler months where water consumption is pretty minimal actually. I…
Cool condensed list. Obviously not comprehensive but nice to have a quick cheat sheet for surrounding states.
You can still ride wider tires on narrower rims with good performance. I'm sure the optimal numbers discussed here work well indeed but up front on a pair of bikes I have a 2.4 minion on 23mm and a 2.6 butcher on 24mm rim and I prefer both those to a 2.25. The 2.6 which…
My first reaction: too expensive. But if you do the math it kinda becomes a decent value? 2000 hours รท (1 year's aspirational ride hours @ 52 weeks x 3 days of riding @ 3 hours "sesh") = 4.2 years!
Jetmo   on Dec 28, 2017
replied to Chain Reaction Cycles. Opinions/experience?
Thanks for the feedback. I've been happy to use Jenson for smaller items but have been on a tear with some new bike purchases, all through CRC. Had a few major snafus...
Jetmo   on Dec 21, 2017
replied to Anyone buy a bike from Bikes Direct?
I too have had positive experience. BD was my portal to getting back into the sport almost ten years ago, as well as getting into 29ers with the single speed rigid Outcast...
Jetmo   on Dec 21, 2017
started a topic: Chain Reaction Cycles. Opinions/experience?
I have a love/hate relationship with CRC. Wondering what others' opinions and experiences have been. I'm a huge fan of their quality in-house brands and aggressive pro-customer pricing. However, I've definitely had...
Jetmo   on Aug 28, 2016
added a review of Cunningham Park

Five stars for being accessible from the city. And pretty awesome besides. See note about poison Ivy below. As others have noted,...
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