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Ed that is some great story telling! It's a lost art these days of virtue signaling social justice warriors that just whine and moan. Just keep riding! If you're bleeding... your living!
Not a big fan of smooth man made trails of any kind. I will always consider them more dirt jump and BMX oriented. That said I rode one today as my first ride back after a wrist injury because it was much less jarring than the tech trails I like. Also, I feel they have…
Shane Kweens   on May 12, 2019
commented on Watch: TRYING to Ride Steep Trails
Just wondering the system and trail name(s) so I can shred this next time in NorCal in a few weeks?
Ridiculous price! For that much scratch it should include a bike computer HUD.
I think there are practical limits of geometry change where negatives start creeping in. Too low BB equals too many rock strikes etc. One trend that is also overdone I feel is overly short stems. I use longer than normal stems to weight the front wheel for cornering traction and climbing personally.
Dr Sweets I suppose if you must bash a bike you haven't rode or can't afford then have at it. Super Boost plus is part of what makes the Switchblade ride better than all other 29ers I demoed. As for PFBB and color no problems here.
I always wear headphones when mtb riding alone which is most of the time. I use a timber bell and look behind me often. I have had close calls without headphones just as rarely so don't think it's a big deal. I would never wear them road biking if I ever chose to road bike…
I moved to Phoenix 10 days ago and have been riding the south west area trails and they are amazing! Can't wait to venture out to these also. Body armor will be here today but I might need a new whip to fully attack all the gnar. The huge miles of amazing single track here…
I have become addicted to mountain biking and a recent life change has allowed me to move from the cold snowy Canadian prairies to Phoenix for winters. I plan to relocate to the Pacific North West for summers so that I can bike year round in great weather. Being single and working remotely allows me…
Shane Kweens   on Sep 9, 2017
commented on It's OK that You're Slow
Mid 40's and bad knees also but I ride alone so don't know if I'm slow and don't really care. I'll start riding with groups more when I move to Norcal next month but probably won't worry if I'm slow or fast just as long as I get to ride a lot!
Shane Kweens   on Sep 1, 2017
replied to Steep Downhill: Front or Back Brake?
Like many said you want your weight shifted back digging in your heels and locking out your arms. A dropper post is good for steep stuff to get you back.  Personally my...
Wolf Tooth continues to innovate and impress! That dropper remote looks amazing! I wonder if that seat bag attachment works with older 3 position droppers?
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