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"Trek notes on their website that the company’s “MTB legacy makes Powerfly a true mountain bike,”" At least Cannondale didn't say anything so asinine about the MX400.
SJP   on Apr 11, 2017
commented on 10 Trails You Like More Than Me - 2017 Edition
Sure. You are partially right about McKeldin. If you park in the McKeldin area, you wind up on the west side of the Patapsco river, and there is a lot of doubletrack. There is now a bunch of newer singletrack there, but you are always linking with the older doubletrack. You have to cross the…
SJP   on Apr 10, 2017
commented on 10 Trails You Like More Than Me - 2017 Edition
Re #2 - Patapsco. Avalon area is the worst part of Patapsco. The trails are too wide, the hills aren't steep enough. It is highly rated because it is near two big cities and lots of beginners ride there. Hilton, Daniels, Woodstock, and McKeldin areas are all within a few miles of Avalon, and are…
You perform a real service by collecting these measurement all in one place for us. Thanks. Might I suggest you can go a little farther? First, front-center is a really useful measurement, and though it is often not reported it can be calculated from the other measurements. You can set up your spreadsheet to do…
SJP   on Nov 30, 2016
commented on Watch: Racing the Leadville 100 on Zero Training
It's the bar ends. I've been telling people that the bar ends are the key to winning races since Tinker ditched them. He was wrong. You are all wrong!
$20 seems pretty reasonable. I suspect you don't have a good sense of what it costs to keep the doors open.
Hear Hear. I bought my bike at my LBS. They carry Trek. A lot of the Trek MTBs have a Turbine crank. I was doing some work and discovered that half of the head of my crank bolt had sheared off and was rattling around behind the extractor cap. So, I googled "Race Face Turbine…
SJP   on Oct 25, 2016
commented on Opinion: How NOT to Reroute a Trail
Thanks for your reply. Indeed, it seems things went south over time. I did read the Gazette articles before posting, and it looks like there are a lot of people with a lot of different opinions. When that happens, a lot of people end up unsatisfied.
SJP   on Oct 24, 2016
commented on Opinion: How NOT to Reroute a Trail
Well, both the tone and content of the post give the impression that the author is pretty difficult to work with. He leads off with "Inconsistency #1", and then describes something that isn't an inconsistency at all. The USFS finds that sediment is harming an endangered fish. They think trails contribute to it. They close…
Yes, let's get a reaction from a bunch of clueless people. I will try to analyze this. What are the concerns? 1. Track condition on race day as affected by the number of riders a. number of junior men b. number of junior women c. number of Elite men d. number of Elite women 2.…
So, I was JRA one day, when a spoke broke on my rear wheel. The broken spoke managed to spear right into a link of the chain, between the side plates, just as that link of the chain was passing between the jockey wheels of the rear derailleur. Then, the derailleur got mangled, ripped off…
How tall are you? I tested a 29er Stumpy, large, in a parking lot and also felt that that I would like a longer bike. I am just short of 6'.
Quit yer whinin! You were out riding Manly Dam, right? Hopefully, at Manly Hospital, they told you to suck it up.
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