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Am an avid and engaged Mtn biker/racer involved with local land managers building and maintaining trails for all level of riders.
There is absolutely no reason not to have the skills and are reasonably fit. I find myself to be a more polished rider now in my 60's and have complete confidence for jumping, sending and extreme technical. And absolutely ride with those much younger then you exclusively to keep the fire burning!
And always ride with younger riders! I have an average of 10 years and younger riders I ride with regularly. So very fortunate.
I'm 62 and still ride very aggressively. Still jumping big and hitting ride parks. I also like technical and the steeper the better. There are no bounds if your fit and have the desire!
I see both points, but nonetheless e-bikes are here to stay and growing worldwide exponentially. In and around my area eastern Pa there has been no repercussions from e-bikes sharing all trails. Other then friendly banter. Most of those purchasing them like myself are expert to pro rider level for self shuttles. It only took…
BS to any negativity concerning E-bikes. Until all have experienced time on one you will soon see that it us much ado about nothing. My personal experience has been positive. In many ways an E-bike is less invasive by 20 mph limiter, better traction due to weight and plus tires which seems to be the…
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