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YESSS!!!! My kinda budget here!!! BRB - going shOPPINNNNG!!!!!
“The goal is […] to provide the bike that an average Joe could have fun on. We don’t want to provide a complicated [product],” says Arifin Tedja, Director of Patrol Mountain Bikes LOL As an Average Joe, I cannot spend this kind of money on a bike. Make it $800.00 then you're on to something...
It may - I know Endomondo does, because it uses GPS and not cell data to compute. Go give it a ride and find out!
I've been using endomondo for four years. Being familiar with it, I have also gotten attached to it. It has all the bells and whistles and has a neat history function as well. And it can be connected to a host of other sensors for heart rate, etc... Give it a try. I think you'll…
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