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kcrushz   on Jun 2, 2012
added a comment on How To Transport Your Mountain Bike
Opel/Vauxhall has this system called the FlexFix which is basically a bike carrier built into its car bumper. Bikes off...
kcrushz   on Apr 26, 2012
added a comment on Frame Geometry: Part 2 - Trail Handling
Hmm ... now I know the reason why I can't wheelie or manual as easily as during my BMX days!...
kcrushz   on Jul 7, 2011
added a comment on Kuat Sherpa Hitch Rack: A Silver Platter for Your MTB
Pardon my ignorance, does a hitch rack suit any vehicle type? I mean, do I need to buy any extra...
kcrushz   on Jun 15, 2011
added a comment on DIY: How to Build Your Own Bike Work Stand
Nice! ... now if someone can post a "How to build a 2-bike indoor stand" ...
kcrushz   on Jun 4, 2011
added a comment on Osprey Verve 10 Women's Hydration Pack Review
I believed the male counterpart to the Verve 10 is the Viper 10? Any idea how the Verve/Viper series compares...
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