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Yeah, that trail that Jeff's riding in Bellingham is pretty much perfect to me. Steep loam is awesome. I'm fortunate to live in a place with trails that I love to ride.
So, 53% of the respondents say that motorized bikes should be allowed on non-motorized trails? How does this make sense?
A lot of bike trails are built with grant funds that are earmarked specifically for non-motorized use. If e-mtbs get onto these trails, then that would likely jeopardize access as well as future funding. I haven't seen any e-mtb advocates address this issue.
The article seems to really conflate on and off-road use. For a mountain biking site, it would make much more sense to focus on e-bikes as they relate to off-road trails. Discussing street use only serves to confuse the reader.
Taking on a big picture view here, while I doubt that gun control legislation will happen in the near future, as the younger generation faces more mass shootings I expect that they'll enact legislation as the older gun advocates age out.
Probably a greater concern than trail sustainability is the potential for user conflicts due to the greater speeds afforded by e-mtbs.
In the whole Wilderness debate, this is a huge aspect of it that doesn't get nearly enough attention. Our values regarding land use and preservation really aren't different from those that oppose us. Thanks for bringing it up Greg!
Nice Rush reference John! I suppose Roll The Bones would be an appropriate song for the subject.
The sad part of this is that if IMBA becomes irrelevant to mountain bikers and folds, then there will be no national advocacy organization to promote our interests.
I'm greatly relieved that my local club is not IMBA affiliated.
Yes, IMBA was offered the opportunity to submit testimony and chose to do so when they didn't have to. They could have just chosen not to participate.
STC isn't quite advocating for fully equal access, but at least some limited access in cases where it's warranted. I very much agree with you and can't fathom why IMBA chose to oppose the bill.
Greg, I'm a bit curious why you didn't switch out to a size medium bike for your test since Guerrilla Gravity is so close to you?
Whistlepig   on Jul 13, 2017
commented on a photo
Did Greg make it up to the Pacific Northwest lately? This picture looks local.
Whistlepig   on Jul 1, 2017
commented on a photo of Rocky Mountain Altitude
This picture looks like the very definition of fun to me.
Whistlepig   on Jun 23, 2017
replied to Anybody riding 2.6s yet??
Hi Greg, I just ordered a Megatrail SS and look forward to seeing your impressions of it. I'll be using 2.35 Maxxis Minions for the time being. Cheers.
Bellingham is definitely worthy of the list although I'm a bit surprised since it's not really on a lot people's radar as a destination. It can certainly be a very demanding place to ride when wet and can be tough in the dry too. Lots of good beer, a very strong community mountain biking vibe,…
You know what? I happen to completely agree with Greg's distaste of e-mtbs. Bring on the vitriol! I'm not bothered by it.
I guess I'm a Luddite ape because I rarely take pictures and never use Strava or GPS. I assume that pretty much nobody gives a rip about where and how I'm riding, but me. I'll rarely take a picture during the ride just to show my family what I'm up to. I just like to…
You can pretty much ride around here all year long as long as you don't mind rain and muddy trails. Bring your bike along and you'll find some great trails around here. The...
Whistlepig   on Oct 27, 2016
commented on Over a Beer: Riding to Live
Another great article Greg. It's so refreshing to read OAB because your writing cuts right to what mountain biking is all about. It's not about all the stuff, it's about being out there and doing something you love.
I did these trails last summer and they are incredibly fun. Very well-described in the article. I'd definitely recommend doing 8-mile clockwise for the best descending and climbing experience. The trailhead is a bit hard to see from the road. Watch your GPS closely.
2$ for one of my top-10 rides ever is an unbelievable deal. The trail is a total blast. I completely agree that it's the best 2$ that you'll ever spend.
Watching that brings back a flood of great memories from when my boy was a little tyke.
Per usual, I find myself in complete agreement with Greg. We've gotten along on mountain bikes for nearly 40 years without motors and I believe that we can continue to enjoy biking without them. Then there's the matter of Wilderness access. Even the most devout e-mtb advocates have no answers whatsoever to concerns over Wilderness…
At last I have an ever-so-slight difference of opinion from Greg. I agree with the main points of his article with the only difference being that I have no interest in using Strava myself.
Oh yeah, I'm new here and couldn't agree more. I generally don't write anything on-line that I wouldn't say in front of my family. It seems that I happen to agree with Greg on practically everything.
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