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kcoat   on Jun 12, 2019
replied to best bike watches?
I have the Fenix and it is great. My spouse wanted something similar so I got her the Vivoactive 3. I really like the Fenix but i think the Vivoactive 3 is...
No way this happened as described. I started riding in this area when i was 16 almost 25 years ago now. I have never heard of this happening anywhere around here. Also this trail is way to busy for that. I agree with the other comments the biking community is extremely nice and friendly in…
Im canadian and the last 3 bikes i have bought have all been made in the USA. All were carbon and all from the same manufacturer. Although personally i dont care where...
kcoat   on Jun 16, 2016
added a review of Calgary Cycle/Pure Cycle

Premier shop in Calgary. They carry Intense, Santa Cruz, Ibis, Scott and others.
kcoat   on Jun 16, 2016
added Calgary Cycle/Pure Cycle
Calgary Cycle/Pure Cycle
kcoat   on Jun 16, 2016
added a photo of Merlin Ti Mountain Bike
kcoat   on Jun 16, 2016
added Merlin Ti Mountain Bike
1992 Merlin Ti hard tail
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