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Bezean   on Nov 6, 2012
added a map of Bayview & Stouffeville
Bezean   on May 17, 2010
added a review of Bayview & Stouffeville

Bayview now runs completely through between Stouffville Rd. and Bloomington, and there are now new subdivisions in the area, so...
Bezean   on Feb 12, 2009
added 2 photos.
2006 Trek EX9.
Bezean   on Jan 7, 2009
added a photo of Fitzpatrick Trail
Trailhead in Scotsburn
Bezean   on Jan 7, 2009
added Fitzpatrick Trail
Network of trails on Fitzpatrick Mountain that extends up the mountain and over to the wind generators. Trail maps are...
Bezean   on Jan 7, 2009
added Burke Mountain Trails
Many, many trails up and down Burke. If you find the right ones you can go up to the top,...
Bezean   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
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