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While I respect the opinion of the author, I have to disagree. By definition, yes, an e-bike is a motorized bike. But to put them in the same category as a dirbike that weighs 400 lbs. and is large and powerful, is just insanity. And I have to disagree with the elitist attitude of the…
Fixedwing71   on May 11, 2017
commented on Why Are Some Chapters Leaving IMBA?
Good article, thanks for posting. My free time is split between two hobbies: MTB and model aviation. I have enough drama in my model aviation club (yes, there's drama in a model aviation club) but I have to be a member of the club, and also a member of AMA (our club is sanctioned by…
Fixedwing71   on May 30, 2016
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Kodiak II full-suspension bike
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