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Cyclosaur   on Mar 19, 2019
started a topic: Recommended Camping: AR, TN, NC
Hey y'all! I'm setting out on a loose journey mid April till... I dunno, guess until I run out of cash. As such, I'm trying to camp as cheap as possible, dispersed sites...
Cyclosaur   on May 3, 2018
answered a question about
Their FB page says they're opening this weekend starting May 5th. (2018)
Cyclosaur   on Apr 9, 2018
replied to Experience With 1up USA Bike Rack?
Its not tray style, but you should check this out. Havent yet installed it, just came in the mail today, but the ease of use and ability to run it offroading as...
Cyclosaur   on Mar 7, 2018
started a topic: Crested Butte Plan "B" Trails
Heyya! I've been planning a trip to CB with two other folks, and we'd be going for a week in August. Trying to hit most of the "famous" trails, but Im looking into...
Cyclosaur   on Mar 5, 2018
replied to Catalyst Flat pedals..we shall see
I love mine. As long as you use them as intended, they work way better.
Cyclosaur   on Nov 13, 2017
replied to Stupid Question Sunday
Something is better than nothing I suppose. I like to use old tubes. quiets everything down nicely.
...How? Its hard to see if it was buckled or not.
Cyclosaur   on Sep 8, 2017
added a review of Sylvan Hill Bike Park

Sylvan Hill is the flowy hero dirt Wisconsin deserves. Small, but expertly crafted and endless fun!
Shameless Copper Harbor plug. They just finished phase II of the point trail, thats another 9 miles on top of an already stellar system of trails.
Cyclosaur   on Jun 16, 2017
added a review of Giro Giro Chronicle MIPS

Inexpensive, MIPS, Ventilation
Cyclosaur   on Jun 13, 2017
added 5 photos.
Little Switz!
Cyclosaur   on Jun 9, 2017
replied to Camping in/near Salida CO
Yeah, its a relic that's stuck with me from a different life. As long as it doesn't rattle apart, I'm fine. Maybe I'll take it off some sweet jumps and get a...
Cyclosaur   on Jun 9, 2017
replied to Camping in/near Salida CO
Oh! By the way, I'm ill equipped in the 4WD department. Mustang with a bike rack (far from the best vehicle for bikes). I'm fine with a little rowdy offroading, but the...
Cyclosaur   on Jun 9, 2017
replied to Camping in/near Salida CO
I've been eyeballing Shirley site. That seems like a winner. Do you know if there is running water nearby that I can purify?
Cyclosaur   on Jun 8, 2017
replied to Camping in/near Salida CO
Pgoldsmith: Thats great! Ill be looking forward to that. I will also be going solo, so if anyone wants to ride with a flatlander sporting a gravity itch, thatd be cool! Greg: Sounds...
Cyclosaur   on Jun 8, 2017
replied to Camping in/near Salida CO
Hey rhut! Copper Harbor was amazing. Best bike trip so far. We did end up seeing the Northern Lights too! The entire experience was magical. Thanks for pointing me in the right...
Cyclosaur   on Jun 8, 2017
replied to Camping in/near Salida CO
Great thing to consider mongwolf. I have a Sawyer Mini filter that should do the trick. Really handy as I can just attach the sawyer into my hydropacks line.
Cyclosaur   on Jun 8, 2017
replied to Camping in/near Salida CO
Ill be roaming around July 1st thru 16th.
Cyclosaur   on Jun 7, 2017
started a topic: Camping in/near Salida CO
Going on a trip in July, I've decided to base myself somewhere in Salida. I was looking for super cheap/free camping. Does anyone know of any sweet spots that fit the bill? Cheers!...
Cyclosaur   on May 26, 2017
replied to Copper Harbor riders!
Awesome! Thanks for the tips on the northern lights!
Cyclosaur   on May 26, 2017
started a topic: Copper Harbor riders!
Probably should've posted earlier about this, but me and the crew will be headed Up Nort later today. I've got a day of work to get thru yet, so there's a small...
Cyclosaur   on May 16, 2017
replied to I hate spider webs
That's horrendous.  Burn the bike
I'd have to go with the Commencal Meta AM HT. Several specs starting at $999 to $1999. I decided to pick up the "Race" version for $1599 + about $70 shipping. Bike...
I'd have to go with disc brakes. That was the biggest wow factor for me when upgrading from a rigid 80's Trek. Dropper post is cool, but if I had to choose...
Cyclosaur   on May 3, 2017
started a topic: Longest singletrack descent
Does anyone have any info on what the longest descent in USA is?
Cyclosaur   on Apr 11, 2017
answered a question about
Check out The trail status is regularly updated there along with other spots around Madison.
Cyclosaur   on Mar 24, 2017
added Adidas Terrex Trail Cross
MTB high top shoe with ankle protection and Stealth Rubber
Cyclosaur   on Mar 24, 2017
added Hydration Engine
Pressurized hydration bladder. Comes in 1.5, 2, and 3 L options. Reversible bladder for easy cleaning, dishwasher safe.
Cyclosaur   on Mar 24, 2017
added Rotation 180
Hydration Pack with protected storage for your DSLR. Camera storage rotates on waist belt to access without removing backpack.
Cyclosaur   on Mar 17, 2017
replied to Crested Butte, Fruita, Moab. Pick 2
Ill be there beginning thru mid July.
Cyclosaur   on Mar 16, 2017
started a topic: Crested Butte, Fruita, Moab. Pick 2
Long story short, I'm planning a trip and for my last leg I can base myself for a few days at two spots. Based on your experiences, which place should I skip? Cheers...
More 24 hour endurance coverage! I love it!
Cyclosaur   on Feb 22, 2017
started a topic: Madison WI Riders
I live a few hours North, and I'm getting stir crazy on the trainers. I have a friend in Madison (nonbiker) who says its been unseasonably dry. I know there is some...
Cyclosaur   on Jan 17, 2017
commented on 20 Rad Airbnbs for Your Next MTB Vacation
Good article! I'd be interested in something like this geared towards more budget minded places or even lesser known camping spots.
Cyclosaur   on Jan 13, 2017
replied to Do you follow mountain bike racing?
I say play to your strengths. Pinkbike seems to have all the racing pretty well covered. I go to Pinkbike for the adrenaline, Singletracks for the soul
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