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raymayley7@yahoo.com   on Jan 28, 2017
updated Ridgeline Trail #65 conditions to Good
Best grips for people with hand numbing. Have had no problems with them twisting or sliding at all. Think I found my favorite grip of all time.
raymayley7@yahoo.com   on Jan 2, 2017
added Fat Paw
Designed and manufactured in the USA Material - 100% silicone Dimensions: 36-37mm installed diameter. 9.5mm uninstalled wall thickness (compare to measurement listed...
raymayley7@yahoo.com   on Jan 2, 2017
spec'd a bike: Giant Reign 2

Crisp and immediate shifting. No ghost shifting after hundreds of miles
raymayley7@yahoo.com   on Sep 13, 2016
updated Southside Park - Croft State Natural Area conditions to Good

5-1/2 miles of gradual to moderate up and down grades. If your confident in your cardio and skills, plan for...

Gear range is great, shifting is smooth,
raymayley7@yahoo.com   on Jun 8, 2016
added a review of Giant Reign

Reign 2 2006 amazingly durable and smooth riding. Long rides and steep slopes are very comfortable.
raymayley7@yahoo.com   on Apr 24, 2016
added a review of Bike Worxnet

Great proximity to trails in Spartanburg. Stock items have not let me down. Seems to research items that are best...
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