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Mountain biking time = podcast time (Singletracks, Star Talk, Joe Rogan, WTF, etc.). For some reason I find that I concentrate and listen better when I am mountain biking. I do shut it off during long descents.
Diamondback technical support advised me to cut the tires off. They are going to send Maxxis Ardents to replace the Schwalbes.
Thanks for the suggestion. It's a tubeless ready rim but it came stock with a tubed tire. I could find no discernable weak spots around the rim that would allow me to...
Chris Pickford   on May 15, 2018
started a topic: Suggestions for getting a tire off of rim
I purchased a Diamondback Release several months ago. I experienced my first flat on it the other day and I am having a helluva a time getting the tire off the rim....
Chris Pickford   on Apr 12, 2018
replied to How's your riding year going?
I live near the coast in Southern California so my only excuses for not riding are work, occasional rain, or laziness.
I am not sure if I can define an ultimate epic adventure.  Kind of like the Hobbit for me epic adventures have always happened unexpectedly. I have made some  backpacking and road...
I like the podcast, articles, trail descriptions, videos and the weekly Roll Call.
Chris Pickford   on Oct 11, 2017
added a review of Big Laguna Trail

Incredibly beautiful area to ride located in California's peninsular ranges about an hour east of San Diego. From the high...
Chris Pickford   on Oct 11, 2017
added 2 photos.
Southwestern Laguna Meadow (Big Laguna Trail #9)
Chris Pickford   on Sep 26, 2017
added a photo of Skyline Trail
View of Mt San Gorgonio from the Skyline Trail above Big Bear
Chris Pickford   on Sep 26, 2017
added a review of Skyline Trail

This trail has been extended westward and is now about 15 miles long. Proceeding west from Grandview Point it is...
If you are transitioning from backpacking to bikepacking you probably already have some suitable lightweight gear. has some good articles on how to outfit your rig with DIY or low budget options.
Chris Pickford   on Sep 11, 2017
added a photo of Lake Calavera
Have been seeing lots of rattlesnakes here lately. Especially in the early morning and evening
Chris Pickford   on Sep 11, 2017
spec'd a bike: Diamondback Release
Chris Pickford   on Sep 11, 2017
spec'd a bike: Diamondback Release
I rode into a bee swarm the other day. As soon as I realized I was in the midst of a swarm I turned around and rode away as fast as I could. Fortunately I didn't get stung. I waited about ten minutes (not sure how long the average bee swarm lasts) then cautiously rode…
Chris Pickford   on Mar 22, 2017
added 4 photos.
Flooded section along the Engelmann Oak Loop (March 12, 2017)
It's sad to see some of the friends I used to ride with when we were in our 20s and 30s give up mountain biking and become sedentary as though once they hit 40 they can't have fun anymore. I am all for doing as much as you can when you are young but I…
Chris Pickford   on Mar 7, 2017
updated Lake Calavera conditions to Poor
I think this the same trail they used to haul the giant refractor telescope up to Mt Wilson by mules in the early 1900s
Perhaps a good idea if you intend to ride the bike for many years, but a bad idea if you like to have a new bike every year or two.
Chris Pickford   on Jul 18, 2016
added a review of Daley Ranch

Daley Ranch is a large open space that lends itself well to rides of varying lengths. Because I enjoy the...
Chris Pickford   on Jul 1, 2016
replied to Front fork recommendation
Thanks Mark. I'll look into that upgrade program.
Chris Pickford   on Jun 29, 2016
started a topic: Front fork recommendation
Looking for recommendations for a front suspension upgrade under $300 for my 2012 Diamondback Overdrive Sport 29er. It came stock with a SR Suntour XCR-LO 29.
Chris Pickford   on Jun 6, 2016
added a review of Raptor Ridge

Raptor Ridge is a single track section along the San Pasqual Valley Trail which in turn is a section of...
Chris Pickford   on Apr 25, 2016
added 3 photos.
View from the Lake Hodges Overlook

Good place to practice your technical riding chops. Once you get to the top of the Way Up Trail there...
Chris Pickford   on Apr 4, 2016
added 4 photos.
Chris Pickford   on Apr 4, 2016
added a review of Rancho La Costa

I have ridden four of the trails here and enjoyed them all. Switchbacks is probably the easiest descent but has...
Chris Pickford   on Apr 2, 2016
updated Lake Calavera
to Dry.
Chris Pickford   on Apr 2, 2016
checked in at Lake Calavera
Chris Pickford   on Apr 2, 2016
created a My Trails
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