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kay oh   on Jan 19, 2019
replied to How do you handle cycling withdrawal?
Russian Standard.
Dude, I am never giving up my dropper post. That thing is the only reason I don't go over the bars. Anyone who is considering removing the dropper should probably just stop drinking...
kay oh   on Jun 2, 2018
updated The Ridge Nature Area conditions to Poor
kay oh   on May 31, 2018
replied to Is the old fart in shape?
"Fitness" is just your ability to overcome a challenge. I turn fifty this year, and I stopped comparing myself to my classmates a long long long time ago. Most people can barely...
kay oh   on May 22, 2018
commented on Essential Mountain Bike Upgrades
kay oh   on May 21, 2018
replied to Which MTB noob bike to buy for under $1000
Do whatever the old guy at your local bike shop recommends. He is trying to save you money and anguish. I have owned a Talon for almost two years. This was my first...
kay oh   on May 17, 2018
replied to Pollen season is rough. Any tips?
Local honey. Mix a big tablespoon of it into your coffee every day. It takes several weeks to gain potency. Georgia is full of apiaries. KO
It isn't just about money. If you're not at the table in D.C., then you're probably on the menu. I think it's important for people to advocate for their interests, and the MTB community has a lot of natural allies in the policy arena. If we all work together and speak up when it matters,…
I don't see a way around the marketing situation. Racing gets all the attention, even if it doesn't pay the bills for the bike industry. I think the way forward is to borrow a page from the Crossfit crowd. They're very inclusive, and their message to outsiders has always been "you can do this, and…
"Here are the five best trails in the world; I have in fact ridden none of these."
kay oh   on Feb 27, 2018
replied to Picking out my first MTB
Just a few words of advice: (1) LOCAL. BIKE. SHOP. They know what they're doing, you don't (yet), and bike fit is important. (2) BUY ONCE, CRY ONCE. This is not a cheap activity, but the...
It's funny how when I got into MTB, I had no idea that I was living in the middle of all these sweet trails. Insanely good fortune to live in Georgia...
Thetis was given two choices for how her son Achilles would live his life; a long, boring, unremarkable existence, or a life that was as short as it was glorious. Heal up, then hit it again. I'm nursing a busted shoulder myself.
Dude, you could get a decent entry level new bike for just a little more than that. My first MTB was a new Giant Talon, and I paid $600. Buying bikes online is a...
kay oh   on Nov 26, 2017
replied to Just starting.
Little things will make a huge difference at this point.  Your bike is fine for starting out, just make sure you lube the chain after the ride. Platform pedals will make you...
Nicely done. Anything you eat will make you either faster or slower on your bike, choose accordingly. Kettlebells and swimming.
kay oh   on Oct 30, 2017
added a review of Blankets Creek

Bad trail! Do not ride here! Ever!
kay oh   on Oct 29, 2017
started a topic: How to have it all (or not)
My beloved everyday hardtail bike has a regular seat post, so the tools, tube, keys and phone all fit into the standard Topeak bag under my saddle. My OTHER bike has a dropper...
kay oh   on Oct 27, 2017
added a review of Chicopee Woods

I rode Red Tail and Copperhead Gap yesterday. Red Tail is awesome, lovely loop of singletrack just off of White Tail...
kay oh   on Oct 27, 2017
updated Chicopee Woods conditions to Good
kay oh   on Sep 12, 2017
added a review of Clinton Nature Park

And now, something completely different. This is an interesting place to ride. If you live in Georgia, and want to improve...
kay oh   on Sep 1, 2017
replied to Making hardtails less bumpy?
Indeed. Sitting leads to all sorts of problems. Check your proprioreception and shralp the gnar whilst standing on platform pedals. Get a dropper post.
I had the same problem. Got into MTB on an entry-level hardtail with a Suntour fork, and quickly found its technical limits. I fixed the problem by throwing money at it, but...
kay oh   on Aug 12, 2017
replied to What's with the new boom box trend?
I haven't heard them. Hope I never do. I don't visit the woods to hear anyone else's craptastic music. Get off my lawn. I took a philosophy class once. The professor was this...
This was the first time I started watching one of Seth's videos and experienced actual suspense. These two survived to eat tacos because they had a high level of experience; a novice rider, on that bike, on any trail in Pisgah, would have fared much worse.
kay oh   on Aug 2, 2017
added a review of Charleston Park

Wonderful little trail. There are two loops, and the riding direction changes every day. The inner loop is more technical;...
kay oh   on Aug 2, 2017
updated Charleston Park conditions to
Cops on bike trails. Only you, California...
I'm watching the Tour De France as I read this, and the podium events are always puzzling to me. "Here's your pretty shirt, here's some flowers, here's a stuffed animal (really?) and here are two women in miniskirts and crazy-stupid heels to stand next to you." WTF. The atavistic practice should stop. We should come…
kay oh   on Jun 23, 2017
started a topic: Racing question
I'm wondering if there is a specific "type" of bike used in MTB racing. I ride a "trail" bike, for example. Do people race using that geometry? I'm not looking at downhill or...
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