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An addition to the section about tire selection . . . Last winter the trails by me were sheet ice pretty much all winter. After riding, or at least trying to ride, on snow covered ice for a day and taking a solid slam trying to set up for a turn I went home and…
I am cuurently running Forekaster up front and Ardent Race rear on a HT Stumpjumper.  Both 2.35 on 27mm IW rims.  I never think about the Forekaster which means it works.  No...
If I see oncoming traffic, be it on horseback, foot, or 2 wheels, I yeild if they haven't already. Similar to Legbacon's experience hikers have already stepped aside before I see them most of the time. Some bikers don't seem to look very far ahead from what I've experienced. Two different times I've pulled over…
Good to hear they work.  I've got a Wheels Mfg thread-together BB in my tool box in anticipation of the next time my pressfit BB gets "cranky".
I was ready to quit my job and join the Singletracks team until I read, "SEO and online marketing." Literally sent chills down my spine.
Noggus   on Nov 13, 2018
replied to Aggressive Hardtails! Lets see 'em
Not so stock '13 Spec SJ HT  
Noggus   on Nov 12, 2018
added a photo
Noggus   on Nov 6, 2018
started a topic: Trails Near Anaheim, CA
I'll be travelling to Anaheim for work in February and was wondering what the best trails are in the area.  I'll only be able to dedicate one day to riding so I...
Noggus   on Nov 4, 2018
replied to going from 100mm to 70mm stem?
Hard to say what kind of difference it will make for you.  Lots of variables go into the perceived feel of how a bike 'fits' each rider. My experience:  I shortened my stem...
Whenever I have my tires off the bike I give them a shake. If I can hear the sealant sloshing around in the tire I figure I'm good to go. If I don't hear anything, I'll add 2 to 4 oz of sealant.
Definitely a love hate relationship.  It gets a little easier with time but can still be challenging. My son's Orbea came with 24" tubeless ready wheels.  I was at my LBS when it...
Noggus   on Oct 4, 2018
replied to Rim diameter vs tire diameter
Same deal for me. 2.35" rear is what I'm running with very minor chainstay rub. Alloy frame so not a concern. Also running 2.35" up front and I am just now realizing my...
I've seen e-bikes from Specialized in the shops here in the Midwest.
Noggus   on Oct 4, 2018
replied to Rim diameter vs tire diameter
First things first.  Check the specs for your fork and rear triangle to make sure 2.5" wide tires will have proper clearance. Second, what is the internal width of your rims?  There exist...
E-bikes for less fit commuters . . . I can understand that. More convenient for commuting & leisure riding. I get it. These aren't necessarily the cyclists that ride to push their limits and challenge themselves. Riding E-bikes on trails and rough terrain . . . I don't get it. Either embrace the challenge or…
Noggus   on Sep 18, 2018
added Pedal & Spoke
Pedal & Spoke
Noggus   on Sep 18, 2018
replied to Opinions Welcome: Upgrade or keep saving?
Update for anyone still following this discussion.  I was able to find a last year's model (2018) Fox Factory Float 34 with 120 mm travel that wasn't boost for about $700 (with 2-day...
Noggus   on Sep 10, 2018
replied to Opinions Welcome: Upgrade or keep saving?
Thanks everyone for your insight.  Lots of great advice and intetesting to see that a few of you have been in the same predicament I am currently in. At this point I think...
Noggus   on Sep 10, 2018
replied to Opinions Welcome: Upgrade or keep saving?
New frame is an interesting idea . . . Main reason for not doing a new frame would be that I'm thinking I want 27.5" tires on FS setup despite the current...
Noggus   on Sep 8, 2018
started a topic: Opinions Welcome: Upgrade or keep saving?
I've got a hardtail 2013 Stumpjumper 29er. Over the last 5 years I've been replacing and upgrading components to make it more of a trail bike. 27mm internal width rims, 2.35" wide...
It would be interesting to see a study that compares not just lumens but also beam shape. My 800 lumen light has a circular beam shape with a bit of a dead spot right in the middle. It seems there's plenty of light for what I need, but 1/2 of it shines up into the…
I rode the Hawes loop trails roughly 2 years ago when I was in Mesa visiting family.  Chatting with some locals in the Walgreens parking lot (where a lot of the trail...
Noggus   on Aug 1, 2018
commented on 7 Things You Should Take On Every MTB Ride
Helmet seems like a given, especially for trail riding. I'd add glasses or some form of eye protection to the list.
 Alcohol was a factor . . . (my firt assumption when I hear about things like this).
Noggus   on Jun 28, 2018
replied to I Hit A Tree The Other Day
Reminds of a time I hit, or at least skimmed, 2 trees and won. There's a real narrow section between 2 trees on a trail I ride ocassionally. The 1st is on the...
Noggus   on Jun 20, 2018
replied to poor tube quality
Another +1 for tubeless.  Been tubeless for about 3 years. Zero flats in that time. I've removed broken glass, nails, and thorns out of my tires in that time, but no flats. Never...
I was lucky enough to be able to change the air tube (?) in my fork to get more travel out of it. Then I added tokens and lowered the air pressure. Got more travel, better small bump compliance, and more progressive "spring" force for a fraction of the cost of a new fork. It's…
Noggus   on Jun 13, 2018
replied to One Line Advice Thread
Look where you want to go. If you look down, you're gonna fall down. Same concept as "If you look at the thing that you don’t want to hit, you’re probably going to...
Noggus   on Feb 7, 2018
replied to new tires
+1 for Kenda Nevegal's Not sure how they'll do on FL trail conditions but I have found them to be decent in the sandy areas that I've ridden. Like fredcook, I too am trying...
The way I learned was to adjust the seat height such that when seated, with your heel on the pedal, and the crank arm at the lowest point in its rotation, your knee should be barely bent (leg almost straight). Before dropper post I would put a few wraps of electrical tape around the seatpost…
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