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caleb   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
caleb   on Nov 20, 2006
added a review of A Mountain Trail

I used to ride this trail every day on my way to Gold's Gym....kind of an indirect route to get...
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caleb   on Nov 20, 2006
added a review of Foothills

A lot of erosion in the area from rains last summer. Very high traffic area! Lots of options available on...
caleb   on Nov 20, 2006
added Tunnel Canyon
This is an excellent ride, some steep climbs and gravelly/rocky madness to get past, with quick swooping runs mixed inbetween....
caleb   on Oct 16, 2006
added Foothills
This network can be worked in many combinations, but I suggest catching the singletrack that swings SW around the nearest...
caleb   on Oct 13, 2006
added a review of King Of The Mountain

Pretty trail, though it's getting washed out due to recent rains. Should have remembered to bring snow chains for my...

love this trail, went out for the afternoon and did 4 loops...hella fun. And my first time to ride through...
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