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Fitness is a nice benefit but it's all about getting outdoors and exploring. I'm constantly looking for new trails. Even riding around my neighborhood is better than a trainer. I doubt you'll ever catch me on a trainer. I don't want to pretend I'm outside.
timcoleman   on Feb 18, 2017
commented on Surly Wednesday Test Ride Review
Just purchased a Wednesday and I love it. It's my first fat bike. I'm able to ride almost anywhere now. My buddy on his 29er couldn't keep up and I'm not fast at all. I crossed creeks that no one else could on there skinny tires. I actually feel safer and more confident on a…
After raising kids and running for 10 years I've fallen back in love with mountain biking. My hips just can't take the pounding any longer. I'm not fast but I love riding through nature. Just purchased a new hardtail and looking to add a fat bike.
timcoleman   on Dec 5, 2016
replied to Help! New Bike Recommendations
No regrets on my Trek X-Cal9. Paid about $1,200 for it. Free tune ups for life help me make the dicision. Also liked the Stache but it was out of my budget...
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