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Frank_C   on Dec 19, 2013
added a review of Pine Log WMA

Like Nickelson said, you can navigate it easily WITH A MAP. Today was my first ride at Pine Log, and...

As many have said before me, this is a good alternative when other local trails are too wet or muddy...
Frank_C   on Dec 17, 2013
added a review of Allatoona Creek Park

I moved to this part of town back in 2009, but didn't visit this trail until fall of 2011. At...
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Frank_C   on Dec 17, 2013
added a review of Jackson Hill

I rode Jackson Hill for the first time back in March 2013, on a cold and drizzly day. The trail...

Rode it for the first time today, a Wednesday. I appeared to be the only one out there. Scenery is...
Frank_C   on Oct 11, 2008
added a review of Ridgeway Loop

We arrived in the morning. It's fall, so leaves/pine straw were all over the trail. That along with the nighttime...
Frank_C   on Sep 22, 2008
added a review of Blankets Creek

Fantastic trail system with something for everyone. I rode the new Area51 trail this past weekend. It has some steep...
Frank_C   on Sep 5, 2008
added a review of Fort Yargo State Park

My first time out to this trail today. Trail was nicely maintained, and good all around fun. Went CW around...
Frank_C   on Sep 3, 2008
added a review of Sope Creek

I'm new to MTB, and live about 20 minutes away from this trail. It's a good quick ride, and has...
Frank_C   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
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