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How did you like Paris Mountain? I live just up the road - it's my home trails.
If you haven't been in awhile, go ride FATS. It's an IMBA Epic, and probably only an hour or two away from you. Deep Step trail is fun, and ride Brown Wave...
Yep, it's a 2015 Diamondback Axis.
Cute video. With all that Star Wars gear you're wearing, I kept waiting for you to drop into some gnarly trail riding rather than just a gravel road. Nope.
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ZipHead   3 weeks ago
replied to Christmas shredding
Well, Santa brought me some nice new parts. Had to try 'em out :)
ZipHead   3 weeks ago
started a topic: Christmas shredding
Went for a great ride today in the mountains. Hope you all had a great Christmas as well!
ZipHead   on Dec 23, 2018
replied to Any gay bikers out there?
Old thread, but I remember back in the day there was a mountain biker who won 14 NORBA downhill titles and 11 world cups, 1994 world championship,  two World Cup overalls, etc. Her...
ZipHead   on Dec 22, 2018
replied to Bike wash
Thanks, all. Some really good info. I really just wanted to know if the 'car wash' stuff had any adverse effects on a bicycle (scratchy surfactants, that sort of thing). Dawn is my...
ZipHead   on Dec 20, 2018
replied to Bike lights
I bought a few of these lights a year ago when I needed some new ones : They're cheap Chinese 'cree' lights, bright as hell, last a good few hours. Solidly made (not...
ZipHead   on Dec 12, 2018
replied to Grips and sweat
Carbon bars won't corrode. Problem solved. Buy yourself a Christmas present :)
ZipHead   on Dec 5, 2018
started a topic: Bike wash
So the other day I rode some pretty soggy trails in S. Carolina. Good fun, and ended up with a reddish-brown bike (and myself, truth be told). Carolina mud is VERY slippery,...
ZipHead   on Dec 2, 2018
replied to Grips and sweat
Try a pair of 100% RideFit gloves. Pretty cheap and very comfortable.
ZipHead   on Dec 1, 2018
replied to Grips and sweat
Around 3 bucks or so.
ZipHead   on Nov 14, 2018
replied to New bike
Great suggestion on the DB Mission 1. I happen to own one. Fox suspension (160 front & rear), Race face + Sram drivetrain. Only thing I added was a KS dropper and...
ZipHead   on Oct 28, 2018
replied to Rampage '18
Agree about Fairclough.  Sad about Cam Zink, too...
ZipHead   on Oct 26, 2018
started a topic: Rampage '18
Any thoughts on Brett Rheeder's run?
ZipHead   on Oct 10, 2018
replied to Help a fellow Mountain biker out ?
ZipHead   on Oct 10, 2018
replied to Post Ride PUB suggestions
Tsali Cycles in Bryson City, NC (Tsali trail system) and Piney Mountain Bike Lounge in Greenville, SC (Paris Mountain trail system) are great bike shop/pub combos. What's not to like?
ZipHead   on Oct 7, 2018
replied to New to the sport and backyard build
As usual, Seth Goodman has a few ideas. Check this out:
ZipHead   on Oct 6, 2018
replied to Classifieds?
I think most folks just use Craigslist and Pinkbike, stuff like that.
I don't see why anyone would want to steal a folding bicycle.
ZipHead   on Aug 13, 2018
replied to Advice please
Ding Ding! We have a winner! THANK YOU OSCAR!!!! Just a joke, meant to make you smile.
ZipHead   on Aug 13, 2018
replied to Advice please
Good advice, But...But... What if I fit a 29'er fork up front? And it's got boost spacing, so I can put some fat 2.8's on and maybe air 'em up to say 65psi....
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ZipHead   on Aug 13, 2018
replied to Advice please
(BTW, it's Sunday - Fun-day, right?)
ZipHead   on Aug 13, 2018
started a topic: Advice please
So I spent this afternoon on a 2017 Intense Spider 275 Carbon SL. Ripper of a bike, but I need some advice. Every time I hit a rock garden (pretty technical sections...
ZipHead   on Aug 8, 2018
replied to Orbea Alma 29 H50 On Sale
I have an Orbea Alma (2016) as my hardtail. It's an awesome bike. I've won XC races 3 times on it. Be aware, though, that they tend to run on the large side....
ZipHead   on Jul 14, 2018
replied to New aluminum model of Trek Slash
You're right, Matt. That Slash 8 is 3500. I was looking at the Slash 9's. I still think they're marketing bikes toward the rich dentist crowd. Just my opinion is all.
ZipHead   on Jul 14, 2018
replied to New aluminum model of Trek Slash
"...which is good news for those looking to save cash.." Those bikes start at 5 grand. In my world, that's not saving me any cash.
Ouri grips. Without a doubt.
ZipHead   on Jul 1, 2018
replied to GT Aggressor Pro Upgrades
I don't think you want to spend a ton of money on this bike. Kind of defeats the purpose, ya know? BUT,..... Two upgrades to consider are better tires (tyres for you foreigners)...
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