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Well, Gravity Logic helped design the park so yeah, it's probably awesome. What's the $140 for? Lift tix are like 40 bucks.
My choice is disc brakes. I remember riding fully rigid coaster brake bikes down some sketchy lines back in the day, and what it was like to upgrade to center-pull. Then upgrading to side-pull. When those rims got wet, and your pads were smoked because you couldn't afford new ones every few weeks, and we…
Ardent 2.4 in front. You'll be very pleased with the ride quality.
ZipHead   on May 11, 2019
replied to Adjusting handlebar controls.
Just undo the brake lever clamps and let them hang off the bars while you loosen and move the shifters (and lockout remote) to where you want them. Then just install the...
ZipHead   on May 11, 2019
replied to Adjusting handlebar controls.
The shifter position doesn't look too wonky, but try moving the brake levers out a bit. When you grab the grips in a comfortable position, you want your index finger to rest...
ZipHead   on May 2, 2019
replied to Dropper post for my RH comp
I have KS Lev droppers on several of my bikes. They've been really reliable over the years, so I've never had to contact them for support. I've heard they're pretty responsive tho....
ZipHead   on May 2, 2019
replied to Dropper post for my RH comp
Pretty sure that's internally routed for a dropper post. If you've never done it before, let someone who HAS do the install for you. It can be quite a frustrating pain in...
ZipHead   on Apr 27, 2019
replied to Intense Bikes
I rode several times with an Intense owner. He complained - often - about how crappy their customer service was. Decent guy and good rider, too. I don't think he was making...
ZipHead   on Apr 21, 2019
replied to 1x10
Totally not worth the $$ and labor. Get a new derailleur for 20 bucks ( and ride that bike as hard as you can.  Save your money for your next bike. And happy Easter...
ZipHead   on Apr 19, 2019
replied to Trek Marlin 7
Congrats on the (future) New Bike Day! Hope you get out there and ride the hell out of it. :)
ZipHead   on Apr 7, 2019
replied to Rear cassette swap
Have a read on this page ----> I've installed WolfTooth with no problems, and I'm far from a pro mechanic.
ZipHead   on Mar 31, 2019
replied to Tarp Shelters and rain
If you're hunting in the woods on a bicycle, you need more mental help than a tarp can give you.  If not, then this is simply the wrong website to ask at....
N Carolina is a pretty big state. Would help a bunch to know the general area you're heading to. If you find yourself in western NC, DuPont State Forest is perfect for what...
ZipHead   on Mar 17, 2019
replied to MUni
Ask around at your LBS. Couple years ago I borrowed a Nimbus 29er from my LBS and went with the mechanic (who actually knew what he was doing) for a ride on a...
ZipHead   on Mar 13, 2019
replied to Following World Cup Downhill
Wouldn't hurt to start here:
ZipHead   on Mar 9, 2019
replied to What does your bike weigh?
Just the other (rainy) night I replaced my rotor bolts with Ti bolts.  <sarcasm>Shaved off 1,000th of an ounce, and man NOW I can shred like crazy!! </sarcasm> Truthfully, my bike weighs less...
ZipHead   on Mar 1, 2019
replied to Forks I.D help
I can tell you 2 things for sure - 1) Your fork has a serial number. 2) Your fork is blue. More info, or a pic of the whole fork, and you'll get even more...
ZipHead   on Feb 16, 2019
replied to 27.5+ wheelset upgrade
Before you open your wallet, I just got back from my local Performance Bike store. Everything is pretty picked over, but they still had a good stock of wheelsets. All at 70%...
ZipHead   on Feb 8, 2019
replied to What MTB trend do you want reversed?
I'd like to see the wireless dropper post trend  reverse before it gets started. Need to drop your seat quickly? Just pull your phone out, pull up the app, then - oh...
ZipHead   on Feb 3, 2019
started a topic: Ferda girls.....
Since Sunday is Funday, this one's for Leah :
ZipHead   on Feb 3, 2019
replied to Alternative to painting a bike frame?
Man, I like that car wrap idea. If you decide to go that route, let us know how it worked. One of my bikes has a paint scheme called Clown Puke, and...
ZipHead   on Jan 22, 2019
replied to Advice on Hardtail Bikes
Go for the Nukeproof.
How did you like Paris Mountain? I live just up the road - it's my home trails.
ZipHead   on Jan 13, 2019
replied to Favorite winter trails in the southeast?
If you haven't been in awhile, go ride FATS. It's an IMBA Epic, and probably only an hour or two away from you. Deep Step trail is fun, and ride Brown Wave...
Yep, it's a 2015 Diamondback Axis.
Cute video. With all that Star Wars gear you're wearing, I kept waiting for you to drop into some gnarly trail riding rather than just a gravel road. Nope.
ZipHead   on Dec 27, 2018
replied to Mountain Biking Apparel for Larger Riders?
Last one left:
ZipHead   on Dec 26, 2018
replied to Christmas shredding
Well, Santa brought me some nice new parts. Had to try 'em out :)
ZipHead   on Dec 26, 2018
started a topic: Christmas shredding
Went for a great ride today in the mountains. Hope you all had a great Christmas as well!
ZipHead   on Dec 23, 2018
replied to Any gay bikers out there?
Old thread, but I remember back in the day there was a mountain biker who won 14 NORBA downhill titles and 11 world cups, 1994 world championship,  two World Cup overalls, etc. Her...
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