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ZipHead   1 week ago
replied to Breaking in....
" won’t get the true Mountainbike experience without riding a full-sus bike of at least this minimum level of quality."   Complete nonsense, spoken like a middle-class elitist salesman.  Just get some wheels...
ZipHead   1 week ago
replied to Felt Mountain bikes
My road bike is a Felt. My opinion, Jim Felt started a very cool bike company. I've not owned one, but I rode a Felt Compulsion in the DuPont woods. If you get...
ZipHead   1 week ago
replied to Breaking in....
Talk with your local bike shop. They'll be more than happy to hook you up with a group ride, with folks who will take care of you on the trails, make sure...
ZipHead   2 weeks ago
replied to Small Tire Companies
A "small" tire company would likely go out of business pretty quickly. Depending on your idea of "small" though, you may want to look at Ritchey tires ( ). Tom Ritchey...
ZipHead   2 weeks ago
replied to Small Tire Companies
Oh, and e*thirteen bills themselves as "A small, rider-owned company..." Pretty good tires, too.
ZipHead   2 weeks ago
replied to Night riding and Deer
Venison is quite tasty. Just sayin'.
ZipHead   3 weeks ago
replied to help building a sl xc/trail
How about something like this NS frame?
ZipHead   on Sep 19, 2019
replied to New member
This video might change some minds about e-bikes :
I have 4 or 5 pairs, so I just change up and throw them all in the wash together. A lot of my riding is an hour and a half in the woods after work, or at the skills park up the road so on short rides my hands don't sweat.
ZipHead   on Aug 27, 2019
replied to Riding in the cool rains of fall
Check out the Showers Pass rainwear. You won't be disappointed.
ZipHead   on Aug 23, 2019
replied to cool e-bike
I understand this is from a shill/spammer, but from their own website - "We designed the Fluid e-bike with you in mind – you, city lovers and outdoor adventurers. " So yeah, not even...
ZipHead   on Aug 17, 2019
replied to what are you using for grips?
Oury. Shock-absorbing, comfortable, tacky enough not to have your hand slip, soft but will last a few seasons of rough riding, and basically the best grips. Ever. And no, I don't own the...
ZipHead   on Aug 17, 2019
replied to Beginner Mountain Bike
A 2007 Rockhopper, in excellent condition, should cost you around 100 dollars. Anything more is way too much. Buy it and ride the hell out of it. When the season's over, donate...
ZipHead   on Aug 8, 2019
replied to Looking for Fork and Shock Upgrade
New, the bike was under $2 thousand. The fork and shock you're looking at will set you back about $1 thousand all-in. Maybe consider getting a new bike with the specs you want...
And MTB racing is an inherently risky activity. Yes, but that statement shouldn't apply in this case. It shouldn't be risky because the parts you bought catastrophically fail during their intended use. I don't...
First MTB (fully rigid - somewhere in the late '80's) was rescued from a dumpster. Installed a stem (quill), seat, chain, patched the tubes and rode the hell out of it for almost a year. Felt like it weighed in excess of 40 lbs., but I learned how to huck drops on that thing.
ZipHead   on Aug 4, 2019
replied to Are you riding "too much" tire?
Great info, and well-presented. I swap out tires depending on where I'm riding on my trail/enduro bikes. My XC bike has 29 x 2.2 tires, low tight knobs for speed.
Gorgeous. Brett has style for days. Big set of 'nads, too......
ZipHead   on Jul 25, 2019
replied to New member, noob question incoming:
There's a good article about that bike here ----> Know that the one you're looking is last years model.
ZipHead   on Jul 24, 2019
replied to Tool Kit Query
The tools I own (for many years now) are Pedros and Park, and they're great quality. But for the $$, that Topeak kit looks pretty awesome.
ZipHead   on Jul 21, 2019
replied to Cleaning Stanchions... and other stuff
Glad this got bumped by the spammer - this season I started using Forkboost Lube (by Whistler Performance Lubricants) and so far, I'm pretty impressed. 160mm Fox 34 - loooong stanchions, does...
ZipHead   on Jul 9, 2019
replied to New mtb fork
My opinion : that Fox fork is sweet. 500 is way too much to pay. You don't say if your bike has 26", 27.5", or 29" wheels so it's impossible to give...
ZipHead   on Jul 8, 2019
replied to How true are your wheels?
1) Perfectly true 2) I do it myself. Spoke wrench & zip-ties. 5 buck investment.
Welcome. You owe me a beer.
Giro has their signature Aaron Gwin shoes in 15. Flat or clipless. Here's a link:
ZipHead   on Jul 5, 2019
replied to Bike superstitions
All my bikes have my brother's name on the top tube where I can see it when I ride. He passed away 2 years ago. We used to meet out in Arizona...
ZipHead   on Jul 3, 2019
replied to 2007-2008 Trek 820 WSD 13" Value??
According to Bicycle Blue Book, a 2008 Trek 820 WSD in excellent condition is worth less than 50 bucks. Link here, if you're lazy (like me) --->
ZipHead   on Jul 3, 2019
replied to 2007-2008 Trek 820 WSD 13" Value??
Yeah it's accurate. Look, a bike (or anything, really) is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. So if you offer him $40 and he accepts, your daughter's new bike is now...
ZipHead   on Jun 23, 2019
replied to Jackson Hole mtb park worth the money?
Well, Gravity Logic helped design the park so yeah, it's probably awesome. What's the $140 for? Lift tix are like 40 bucks.
My choice is disc brakes. I remember riding fully rigid coaster brake bikes down some sketchy lines back in the day, and what it was like to upgrade to center-pull. Then upgrading to side-pull. When those rims got wet, and your pads were smoked because you couldn't afford new ones every few weeks, and we…
Ardent 2.4 in front. You'll be very pleased with the ride quality.
ZipHead   on May 11, 2019
replied to Adjusting handlebar controls.
Just undo the brake lever clamps and let them hang off the bars while you loosen and move the shifters (and lockout remote) to where you want them. Then just install the...
ZipHead   on May 11, 2019
replied to Adjusting handlebar controls.
The shifter position doesn't look too wonky, but try moving the brake levers out a bit. When you grab the grips in a comfortable position, you want your index finger to rest...
ZipHead   on May 2, 2019
replied to Dropper post for my RH comp
I have KS Lev droppers on several of my bikes. They've been really reliable over the years, so I've never had to contact them for support. I've heard they're pretty responsive tho....
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