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Arebee   on Nov 15, 2017
replied to What was your first mountain bike?
I bought a 1992 Raleigh Chill after getting my first job out of college. I moved from Connecticut to West Virginia shortly after that and rode the steep rocky climbs and descents of the...
Arebee   on Sep 28, 2017
replied to What was your first mountain bike?
1992 Raleigh Chill. My wife still rides it on the rails to trails in town.
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Arebee   on Sep 28, 2017
replied to gear cleaning
My gloves go in the washer with my shorts, socks and other clothes. Once every few weeks I dunk my elbow and shin pads in a gallon bucket filled with warm water,...
When it comes to night riding, I like to stick to trails that I know really well. No need to find that new drop-off by accident! I'm a big fan of NiteRider. I use...
Arebee   on Aug 17, 2017
replied to Hello From CT!
Our group of riders live 15 minutes or less from the West Hartford Reservoir and it was always our home turf. We started going to Case in Manchester once every few months, and...
Arebee   on Jun 19, 2017
replied to Hello From CT!
Thanks for the welcome John. I usually spend my time on the MTBR forums as they get a little more action. Some great stuff here too! NE really is a great pace to...
Arebee   on Jun 16, 2017
started a topic: Hello From CT!
I've been lurking here for some time and just thought I'd check in. I've always liked the maps here. It took a ridiculous post above to get me to come out of...
Arebee   on Nov 11, 2015
added a photo of Specialized Carve Comp 29
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