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We've just added an Sunday afternoon shuttle for the Mountaintown Creek ride since the first one is full - thank you, Maxxis!
Leah Barber   on Feb 14, 2019
Hey gents! Hope you can get your tickets to Singletracks Ride-n-Rally soon, it's limited to 74 very special guests! Get tickets here and book lodging through Mulberry Gap.
Leah Barber   on Feb 4, 2019
replied to Ferda girls.....
LOL! This made my Monday! Lots of love and respect for my fellow lady shredders!
Frankly, I'm not surprised Peloton is so profitable. They've taken an old fashioned stationary bike and revolutionized the way it's used with modern technology, the internet and social networking. In comparison, it's way slower to improve/change anything (hard goods-wise) in the bike industry compared to anything digital. Instead of having the profit margin for fancy…
Leah Barber   on Jan 18, 2019
replied to Heel pain after a long ride
Ha! Old or not, if you're out there riding 1-10x a week then you're an athlete IMO so you should treat your body like you're an athlete - stretch and take care...
Leah Barber   on Jan 17, 2019
replied to Heel pain after a long ride
I have had similar heel pain before, not necessarily from riding, but it is usually related to tight calf muscles. Over time your calves can get tight from jumping, even just walking,...
Leah Barber   on Jan 15, 2019
added a photo
Leah Barber   on Jan 8, 2019
Great stories! So many health benefits from mountain biking - physical and mental - and way more fun than the gym! Glad these riders were able to stick with it and make some amazing changes!
Cool! This is a great start for anyone looking to add strength training, you hit all the essential movements and you don't really need a gym membership just a few weights maybe. I'd add a few rounds of 30-60 second planks (or variations) at the end for a core finisher!
Leah Barber   on Dec 31, 2018
Leah Barber   on Dec 21, 2018
added 5 photos.
Photo Credit: Petar Dopchev via cbfatbikeworlds.com
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Leah Barber   on Dec 21, 2018
added Fat Bike World Championships
Championship Race: 30 miles- 5 laps on a 6-mile loop Fun Race: 18 miles- 3 laps on a 6-mile loop Sandwiched between...
Leah Barber   on Dec 20, 2018
replied to Bike lights
dennis09, this might be helpful: https://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-gear/bright-mountain-bike-light-throwdown/
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oldmtbr, I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure the pain is still very fresh so I am glad mountain biking gives you a little serenity. Sending you a little...
Awesome! I used to run a lot and it has certainly taken it's toll, definitely prefer mountain biking. thankful for suspension :)
Amazing! I was too stubborn to do clinics when I started and learned most this the hard way. Love hearing how mountain bike is growing in your community! It's no surprise VT is becoming a top mountain bike destination like Moab, Park City, Bentonville, etc.
Congratulations for being a man and having a complete lack of empathy for the female community. We don't live in a bubble, quite the opposite, Atlanta is diverse on its own but the women I'm surrounded by own their own businesses, hustle at low-paying jobs, hold government positions, serve the refugee community and are (gasp!)…
Leah Barber   on Dec 18, 2018
replied to Singletracks Homepage Improvements?
Good feedback here. As you can imagine, it's a tricky balance to create a good user experience for desktop users and mobile users that's why we're back re-assessing how and if we...
Leah Barber   on Dec 17, 2018
replied to Singletracks Homepage Improvements?
Thanks for your feedback, Plusbike Nerd. We'll definitely take it into consideration, although having users create a login cuts down on a significant amount of spam so we can spend our time...
Leah Barber   on Dec 17, 2018
started a topic: Singletracks Homepage Improvements?
Hi everyone! Some of you gave us some great feedback on how to improve the homepage in our last member survey. We're planning on changing up how we handle the older articles, user...
Leah Barber   on Dec 10, 2018
Leah Barber   on Dec 7, 2018
added a photo of Cochran Mill Park
Impressive organization system here, Martha Stewart would be proud!
Leah Barber   on Nov 27, 2018
Leah Barber   on Nov 23, 2018
Thanks Matt! I was surprised to hear her strategy, always so much to learn from different athletes. And Roam was a cool place to talk to Chloe and get to know her as a real down-to-earth person.
Leah Barber   on Nov 19, 2018
I had the pleasure of riding with some of these rad ladies in Sedona and we had a blast! They truly put having fun first when it comes to mountain biking, would love to do the Tiger Mountain race!
Good to know, Alvin!  I have yet to ride at Alafia, this could be a good reason to go!
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