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Flydyl   on May 24, 2019
added a photo of Norco Charger 7.2
2015 Norco Charger in action in Toronto

Grip in climbs, grip in turns, grip on roots and rocks, mud handling, dirt handling, dry or wet traction. Bomb...
Flydyl   on May 24, 2019
added a review of Norco Charger 7.2

Nimble, agile, fun. Tough as nails. Handles great, climbs, descends, carves turns. Really a well-designed bike!
Flydyl   on Mar 19, 2016
added a review of Durham Forest

Huge fun. Great trails. I say four out of five only b/c (a) the trails aren't very challenging, and (b)...
Flydyl   on Mar 12, 2016
created a My Trails
Flydyl   on Dec 13, 2015
added Norco Charger 7.2
Nice xc all rounder
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