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Awesome article. I'll also add "acknowledge and accept the occasional appearance of Race Day Monster", while remembering that monsters aren't real!
True. But speaking from firsthand experience, there is no way the I could pass a blind comparison test between XT and SLX.
You lost me at "Salsa spread out the axle to a SuperBoost 157mm". Enough already, especially on a short-travel bike. And Salsa used to rule in terms of value, but at $300 more, a Top Fuel is better specced, and has a bit more travel out back, to match the 120 fork up front.
Personally, I'd be perfectly happy with an 11-51 cassette, but....marketing. I have it on pretty good authority that during Eagle development, SRAM engineers wanted 10-48 spacing, but the siren song of being able to market 500% won out. It would be nice to know the cog sizes of these new Shimano cassettes.
Another great one, Lee. Thanks! It's appalling how legal means and big money are used to circumvent the actual intent of the Wilderness Act. Regional staff level USFS employees should not be setting policy, regardless of legal pressure.
And riding my bike in Montana alpine country has exactly what impact on climate change?! Sheesh. I'm out.
Done. Thanks for making it easy! In all things, balance. Hiking, equestrian, biking, moto, etc.-- there is room for all in Montana, and taking back historically open, and minimally impacted trails is unforgivable.
Great article. So sad. They just keep banging and banging and spending and spending.......and we lose. It all starts with the head of USFS R1. Horribly opinionated about bikes, and how they should be restricted.
Nice review of a few lesser known lids. I just got a Bontrager Rally in "Hunting Season Safe" orange. Love it. Light-ish, good coverage, and great venting. Jeff, you would love the slick magnetic light mount for your night riding. Very secure, and very easily removed.
kosmo   on Jul 26, 2018
commented on 10 of the Worst Mountain Bike Climbs in the USA
Another vote against any negativity for the Devil's Gulch climb. It's wonderful. For my money, climb it, then climb the road a few miles for the Mission Ridge Descent. Bring your Big Boy Pants for the first two miles of Mission Ridge.
Nice article. I'm interested in this for my gravel bike. Two quick questions: 1. Why 10 mm travel for flat bars and 20 mm for drop bars? 2. How does it feel when you stand to climb?
I'll stick with CO2, in order to help global warming along. Seriously, I see the appeal of this, but with tubeless, I get so few flats, that I just carry a light, simple, and reliable Blackburn Mountain Pump. I rubber band a tube to it and just carry it in my center jersey pocket.
Great article. Makes me want to check out Fernie even more, now!
Im a lot older than you both -- turned 58 TODAY, ha! -- and this article nails it. Bending my bike around corners in beautiful forest settings is both the means and the end for me. Greg said: "It always amuses me when I talk to friends who feel like they can only carve out…
Great read, John. I agree on all counts. I tell friends that flinch at out and back rides to stay 2 inches right of the trail's centerline. Very narrow loop!
Old grump checking in. This is what's crazy about Strava. I'm the King of the World -- on a 3 minute segment. Sheesh. We have a local 8 mile loop that has EIGHTEEN segments. Also, get off my lawn!
Bang on, again! Those pics look like 8 or 10 riders did all that damage. They will never read this article, or show up for a work party. "Dude, we drove all the way from Gotham, so we're going to ride!" "Ice Mud" or "Freeze/Thaw" is the absolute worst for trail damage. Not at all…
Great article, Greg. There is so much great riding in that area, now limited by the recent Wilderness land grab/exclusion. I never thought I'd see that fly in Idaho. Support the STC. Your closing paragraphs, as noted above by another commenter, were so eloquent that I will forward them to the STC. Next time, ride…
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