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tuf25160   on Jul 3, 2017
replied to Need help with a MtB purchase
I  use to live in South Eastern Pennsylvania, The terrain is so different from park to park, most of my friends and I have a FS and a SS.   Have you...
tuf25160   on Apr 21, 2017
added a review of Walnut Mountain Park

A great place to ride and well worth the trip if you like cross country nice and f lowly trails....
tuf25160   on Oct 2, 2015
added a review of Wharton State Forest

This is a fun place to ride. It has some twisty single track that is well kept. I did the...
tuf25160   on Oct 2, 2015
added a review of White Clay Creek

This is a great trail system, for anybody who mountain bikes this is worth the 10 minute trip off of...
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