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I add a third element: camaraderie. To me its about getting out of work, spinning the wheels and yucking it up with my buddies (how old do I sound?). I do really enjoy the adventure side too, especially on new to me trail. I'd say for me its 60% hanging out, 40% adventure. The fitness…
Curt_P   on Jul 12, 2016
commented on Pokemon Go Mountain Biking
Timely as ever. Just yesterday, my son asked if I could change the tire on his bike because it was flatted. I said no, but that I could show him where a spare tire and tools are. As I walked him through the change I asked why the sudden need to ride. His response: to…
I personally do use Strava. Like most I use it just to track the miles. Although I noticed that I am setting a lot of PRs this year, not from trying but because of a new bike. In addition to rudeness interaction and failure to yield issues, I think the biggest issue is the Stravatizing…
Curt_P   on Jun 2, 2016
started a topic: Practice, we are talking about practice
Using the most over-used quote in sports isn't too creative of a topic title. Greg's recent "Over a beer" article on dropper posts lead me to think about the idea of practicing MTB skills. I am a wannabe weekend warrior who gets out 2 to 3 times a week. I don't want to practice, I…
Curt_P   on May 8, 2016
spec'd a bike: Rocky Mountain Instinct 970 MSL
Thanks Greg for this article. I didn't have time to read the Outside and Bike articles but did read both...
I really loved the Yeti SB95c, I guess I could "settle" for the 4.5c. A very acceptable alternative would be...
Curt_P   on Sep 28, 2015
added a review of Bradbury Mt State Park

Bradbury, or as some call it Rootbury, has been too abused the last few years. There are still some nice...
Curt_P   on Sep 20, 2015
created a My Trails
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