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Thanks, Jeff. We're on it! (Is that a nice, healthy crop of poison ivy that you parked your bike in??)
This is discrimination based solely on age and/or on physical ability. Jack Slade, although opposed to e-bikes on single track, cites two valid reasons FOR allowing e-bikes. Greg, I have a question for your readers. When you reach that point in your life, either through age or through any physical/medical limitations, where you aren't able…
Can you factor in the prices of the Bits Box items? Best guess?
Bill Pitts   on Dec 29, 2017
commented on Over a Beer: Passion Leads to Tension
Found it! Seems only one of them was mentioned as riding an e bike, BUT he is still riding. And isn't that the most important take home here? Shredding with Father Time and The Gerries By Maureen Gaffney Updated February 1, 2016
Bill Pitts   on Dec 29, 2017
commented on Over a Beer: Passion Leads to Tension
What are you guys going to say to the old mountain biker who discovers one day that his tired body can't spin the pedals anymore without some sort of assistance? Are you going to curse him soundly and fight to keep him off the trails that he loves if he shows up with an e…
"Isn’t this every mountain biker’s worst nightmare?!" And every driver's nightmare! Imagine that hitting your windshield — or watching in the rear view mirror as YOUR bike hits the car BEHIND you! I use a long bungee cord through the frame to doubly secure my bike to the rack.
A much simpler, cost-free method is simply NOT to shift. We don't have mountains here, but we do have some good climbing slopes and short steep drops (think ravines). I find that most of the time I'm riding in one gear, typically 10th, and able to handle most of the trail. The only times I…
Bill Pitts   on Jan 8, 2017
commented on Watch: Are Walmart Mountain Bikes Safe?
Not brave, C-Lo, I just know what to look for in a bike, regardless of the price. Years of experience pay off in more ways than one! I wouldn't be riding today, 15 months later on the same bike, if I hadn't gone this route. And yeah, no break downs, no major repairs, and no…
That was beautiful!
I went riding this past Saturday, planning on being on the trail only two hours because of work, and wound up staying out four hours! When I finally got down to my project, I was so energized that I threw myself into it and accomplished more that afternoon than I had the previous week. Mountain…
A huge thank you to Joe and Charlie! Mountain biking is the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on.
I know the joy of riding after a long hiatus such as Greg is talking about — albeit in a...
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