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Also, there is a Big Bear Zoo in LA area. They have timber wolves, cougars, coyotes, black bears and grizzlies. The only cage they don't physically enter is the grizzly cage. No sharks, no grizzlies.
I live literally at the edge of a forest in Los Angeles. I have hiked, biked and ran in the trails in this forest dozens of times over the past several years. I consider myself a visitor because every time I enter the forest via the trails, the animals are already there and watching. You…
I always use a bear bell in Los Angeles trails and we don't even have grizzlies; we do have hikers, deer, cougars and black bears, however. If there are grizzlies or sharks, I don't go there, no matter what. I've almost hit deer a couple times and didn't have bear bell back then.
Was he using a bear bell when he collided with the grizzly?
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