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vjeran   on Dec 28, 2016
spec'd a bike: Rocky Mountain Slayer 30
4 of 5 of my 2017 goals are related to MTB: 1. to finish network of singletracks I'm worinkg on 2. to start my own outdoor agency (specialized for MTB tours) 3. to ride Mustang...
My family: wife, daughter (8), and dog. We all are having two options: to build other peoples dreams, or to live our own. For last 23 years I was builiding other peoples dreams, now is time for me to live my own. And with support of my family I see no limits. As you said,…
Respect to KIDS!
vjeran   on Dec 15, 2016
commented on Watch: "Old Timers" - Man and Dog Still Rail!
Last scene rocks! I do hope I will ride same as Chris at his age. Go veterans!
Two months ago I have decided to quit boring top managment well paid corporate job after 12 years. My idea at that time was to start own outdoor MTB agency. So, to earn money on my passion. Not to get rich, just to have enough for decent life ( well, I don't need 10000$ carbon…
Ha ha back to 26"... that's why I'm still on 26". Wheel is re-invented. Enough said.
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