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I used to be very much into mtb when I was younger, I could have been a competitive downhill racer. But stuff happens, I loaned my mtb to a friend in chico, Ca, which got stolen, then I just sort of stopped riding for a while. That was 2008. I only recently picked up a bike again and the passion is burning strong still. I would call myself an intermediate at this moment, only because I haven't quite got the feel for my current bike. Gt Comp.

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Dan Rogers   on Aug 30, 2015
added a review of MOJO WHEELS

Like bikes? Like dirt? Go here tomorrow, seriously great shop, I only regret not finding it earlier.
Dan Rogers   on Aug 24, 2015
added a review of Keystone Resort

Something for everyone. I was speeding down a blue trail, surprise tabletops with a VERY tight berm just behind it....
Dan Rogers   on Aug 20, 2015
added a photo of Village Greens Park
Dan Rogers   on Jul 15, 2015
added a review of Village Greens Park

This is a great quick ride. A visit every other day will keep you tuned in. There's a lot of...
Dan Rogers   on Jul 15, 2015
added a photo of GT Comp
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