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I've been thinking about trying a 27.5 build Evil. Going on 3 years now I have been on the Evil Wreckoning as well. Hands down it is 'thee' best handling bike I've ever owned, it does it all, very comfortable climber, excels on technical climbs incredibly well, and the geometry is spot on in all…
I wish we had true flow trails where I now live. Sadly, it seems that every time they build a new trail here it is nothing but a continuous jump trail with short flow in between jump after jump after jump. So it sucks because the way they build the trails as such, does not…
More water bottle idiots coming out of the woodwork for yet ANOTHER new bike release. Who cares about water bottles. Who---the---fuck---cares.
Mudsoldier   on Nov 14, 2018
commented on My First Pedal Assisted Mountain Bike Ride
Sickening. This whole horseshitshow ebike crap is going to destroy mountain biking as we know it. What it's going to do is make is possible for hundreds of thousands of people who otherwise would not --in any way, shape, or form-- have what it takes to get into the back country and prime singletrack. Soon…
Too bad it's ugly as sin. I thought my old Knolly was an ugly bike...but this makes my Knolly look like a champ. ..I'll stick with my Evil Wreckoning.
Kind of a stretch calling these 'the best'. At most, all four of these are mediocre. There are far, far, better knee pads with far better design, comfort, and features than all four of these. By far.
All the helmets you picked for review suck. I wouldn't even consider any one of these. There are far more appealing helmets that you should have reviewed. Why pick the ugly duds???
What a colossal waste of time, energy, and resources. Idiots.
As of yet I've never shuttled. I'm now 53 and as I recall my very first trip to MOAB with a few buddies, I was the only one not to shuttle. I don't look down on anyone for shuttling. But for me personally, I just have no interest in shuttling. Admittedly, out of all the…
Where I currently live, I have noticed a certain fact : Every year, I notice that whoever is in charge of the trail system here, is noticeably making the trails easier and easier...removing a technical up-climb over logs here, ..removing a boulder or two there...over and over I see this happening. It seems to me…
Screw the IMBA. Full of asshats now.
Mudsoldier   on Feb 1, 2018
commented on Why I Quit Mountain Biking
I don't really buy it. Short of coming down with some kind of debilitating disease or disability such as going blind or ms etc, I don't think it's actually possible for a true to the core mountain biker to stop mountain biking. If a person finds his or herself actually 'able' to quit mountain biking,…
Mudsoldier   on Jul 10, 2015
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My bike
Mudsoldier   on Jul 10, 2015
added a review of Mount Lowe Railway

Great ride. Many ways to ride this mountain. Mt. Wilson area has to have over 100 miles of singletrack, many...
Mudsoldier   on Jul 4, 2015
added a review of Land Locked Forest

Rode these trails today. Took me a while to find the good stuff---which is kind of hard to find. It...
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