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So your bitch is that a company found a market and is making money on it. It obviously isn't too much money because people are willing to by Pelotons and the company is thriving...sounds like you are anti-capitalism. You don't' Peloton because they have money, so instead of promoting other companies, you try to tear…
"I just don’t think this is acceptable" Who cares what you think. The women are there by their own free will. Are you saying women can't do this because it offends you? That they can't make that choice themselves...How F'ing noble of you to tell women what jobs they should or should not do.
Bacon Fat   on Mar 4, 2018
replied to No more REI or Dicks for me.
DBone,  The AR15 is one of the most popular guns owned in America, it isn't just used by Police or the Military.  Its been sold for 50 years, there is around 5...
Bacon Fat   on Feb 21, 2018
replied to Fully Rigid
I rode a rigid 29'er SS for a bit.  I really liked the simplicity of it and how direct it was on the trail.  You really had to think about what line...
Bacon Fat   on Jan 31, 2018
replied to best bike watches?
I use the Samsung Gear S3.  It works ok for tracking rides through samsung health, which will upload to Strava.  I got the LTE version so I can use it for a...
Bacon Fat   on Jun 23, 2017
replied to What bike rack do you use?
I use a 1Up USA hitch mount.  Works great and folds up when not in use.  I leave mine on my car, but it easily fits in the trunk
Adidas terrex solo approach shoes work very well.  Same sole as the 5.10 but are much better for hiking in, especially rock  
Bacon Fat   on Jun 9, 2017
replied to Any NYC mountain bikers out there?
There is some surprisingly good riding in NYC, over 30 miles in one area if you hit everything
Bacon Fat   on Jun 3, 2017
replied to Best shoes for platform pedals
Some of the adidas shoes has the same stealth soles as the 5.10.  They work just as well but you don't look like a 10 yr old skateboarder
Independent fabrications and Ted Wojcik are 2 great Northeast custom frame builders.  I had a Wojc back in the day, phenomenal handling bike, very comfortable to ride.  One day I would like...
Bacon Fat   on Apr 30, 2017
replied to Gravel Bike?...anyone? anyone?
I had a Niner RLT, It is a nice bike.  Did some gravel, smooth single track and road rides with it, but I found that my fat bike with 4" tires pumped...
Bacon Fat   on Mar 18, 2017
replied to Crazy Trail Tales?
I ride trails that go right by a college.  I mostly see kids smoking dope or drinking in the woods.  I have seen; I saw two guys rotissering a fat chic while filming...
Bacon Fat   on Mar 8, 2017
replied to Looking to ride in New England
Another vote for kingdom trails in VT.  I had a great time there.  We rented a house within easy riding distance to the trails.
Bacon Fat   on Feb 2, 2017
replied to MTB Sock Height: Low, Mid or High?
I rode for years without socks.  My shoes would smelled pretty vile.  Recently (at the request of everyone around me) I have started wearing them again, so its lows until the winter...
Bacon Fat   on Feb 1, 2017
replied to Fat bike for single tracks
I have found that good low rolling resistance 4" tires like the Jumbo Jims roll surprisingly well on the street and gravel.  Fast enough that I am no longer looking at 27.5+...
Fat bikes are quickly becoming my only bikes. I have a 24lb fat bike that rips on smoother singletrack and does very well on long gravel rides and a FS fat bike for when things get rowdy. Gone are my gravel bike, hardtails and FS 29'ers. They just weren't any better and were limited where…
I always negotiate. I find the easiest way to get a significant discount is to pay cash.  I only go in with the amount I want to pay.  So if they don't...
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