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Smyrna // Georgia

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Rode mostly in Northern VA between 1999-2003, then to Western New York, and eventually to Atlanta GA
Agree with Bentjammer! Stokesville is great... there are some incredible and quite technical trails in the Shenandoah valley between Winchester and Harrisonburg VA. If you want very technical, check out Elisabeth Furnace near Strasburg VA.
Dylan Judy   on Jun 2, 2016
added Cyclical Cycles
Cyclical Cycles
Dylan Judy   on Jun 2, 2016
added a review of Elizabeth Furnace

Returned to my home trail in May of 2016 after a decade of riding other parts of the USA. This...
Dylan Judy   on Sep 10, 2015
added a review of Coldwater Mountain

Awesome mix of flowing and technical sections. I would estimate there are 32-36 miles of trails if you rode everything...
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