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This. So much this. As a NICA head coach and parent of a 3rd-year racer I couldn’t agree more. As far a Boost141 - if it’s the same as the Marin system all you need to upgrade to Boost148 is a new wheel and an axle.
You left out Wolftooth’s B-Rad system. I use a Dakine Hot Lap and a steerer-mounted OneUp EDC tool with jabber and link pliers but am considering moving to WTC bag instead of the Dakine as it fully encloses the tube and inflator so I can worry less about damage/ clogging. Nice article though!
It’s also fun to ride with the same mixed group of riders. Over time you will see yourself move up and/or down in the “pecking order” of speed. This is the same reason I bother with Strava - to see if I am getting faster.
JoeLee   on Dec 20, 2017
added a review of Evolution Bike Co.

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