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brianW   on Feb 9, 2014
added a comment on 5 Tips for Biking with Your Dog
I believe a good trail dog will follow you, not go ahead of the owner. Part of being on the...
brianW   on Dec 23, 2013
added a comment on 10 Ways to Make Group Rides Fun for Everyone
Group rides are what introduced me to some of the lesser used trails in my area. Great way to introduce...
With Burke Mountain cutting ties with Kingdom Trails, wonder who will get the funds?
I am a map guy. Grew up looking over the atlas when I was a kid and now when I...
brianW   on Nov 20, 2013
added a comment on The origin story
Rode Modoc this past weekend. Always a great ride. Cleared everything except the first creek crossing and that sharp turn...
Mint chocolate blueberry crisp and coconut chocolate chip are my favorite. Tried the gingerbread last year and enjoyed it. I...
brianW   on Oct 18, 2013
added a comment on Review: Vassago VerHauen 29er
Have to say the pics. do not do the VerHauen justice. This is one sharp looking bike. Nice write-up.
brianW   on Oct 14, 2013
added a comment on How To Mountain Bike Without a Hydration Pack
Started riding in '92 and got my first hydration pack in '01. Within the last two years I have dropped...
brianW   on Aug 23, 2013
started a topic: Climb like a Swede......
word of caution, some foul language One of my Norwegian relatives sent it my way.
brianW   on Jul 16, 2013
added a comment on Exploring Other Planets by Mountain Bike
Fat bikes are not a passing fad. Specialized has entered into the realm of companies that make them.
brianW   on Jul 4, 2013
added a comment on Review: Dakine Oakridge Flannel Shirt
Pretty cool. I could see myself riding wearing it in the cooler months while singing this:
brianW   on Jun 28, 2013
added a comment on Video: "A Couple's Ride"
Last summer my wife and I went to Woody's Mountain Bikes in Helen, GA. Her idea by the way. Last...
brianW   on Jun 20, 2013
added a comment on Video: Danny MacAskill's "Imaginate"
I loved bringing the imagination of the kid (that was me) to life. Awesome riding. I need to get an...
brianW   on Jun 10, 2013
added a comment on Mountain Bikes and Beer
I always felt the mt bike crowd is vary similar to the skiing crowd. Beer is part of it for...
brianW   on Jun 10, 2013
added a comment on Video: "Shifted"
Good stuff.
Videos like this make me just want to travel more and more......Now i just need more $$$
Just to put a little perspective on how much rain, Saturday night to Sunday noon there was over two inches...
brianW   on May 6, 2013
added a comment on Review: SKINS RY400 Recovery Compression Tights
Besides the tights, they have compression socks and arm "like" warmers that do the same. My wife is a runner...
brianW   on Mar 3, 2013
added a comment on How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Saddle
Good article. One thing I would like to add. If your lower back hurts, check for a bent rail. I...
brianW   on Feb 21, 2013
added a comment on How To Brake Your Mountain Bike
If you drive on icy/snowy roads the braking while turning is the same. Slow down before the turn not in...
Most of the trails in New England were devasted by the Hurricane of 38 and many never came back because...
How well do they insulate when wet?
When I first started riding I had six USGS maps of north central MA and south western NH. Pieced together...
brianW   on Feb 11, 2013
added a comment on What? You want me to ride a road bike?
You can also get a cyclocross bike or similair frame that has clearance for larger tires and do gravel rides....
brianW   on Feb 2, 2013
added a comment on Final Review: Foundry Broadaxe 29er
For that price I could get 2 different bikes in my stable. Salsa El Mariachi and a "monster cross" bike....
brianW   on Jan 29, 2013
added a comment on Riding the Top 10 MTB Trails in the World, Part 2
I enjoy FATS a lot. It is my go to ride after work, early morning rides. etc. I think it...
brianW   on Jan 1, 2013
added a comment on Pearl Izumi X Project Mountain Bike Shoes
What will be the price of the 2.0 and 3.0 versions?
brianW   on Dec 20, 2012
added a comment on Funkier Men's Microfleece Tights Review
Curious about the temperature comfort range of these. By chance have you used them when it has been warmer?
brianW   on Dec 14, 2012
added a comment on Why I Ride
Mt biking, just like hiking, x/c skiing, snowshoeing, and trail running, it is just you, the trail, and nature. Nothing...
brianW   on Dec 7, 2012
added a comment on Bikes of Singletracks: Dustin's Vassago Jabberwocky
The Jabberwocky was my first taste of ss kool-aid, now I am an addict. Very glad to see the rebirth...
brianW   on Oct 17, 2012
added a comment on 2012: The Year of the Klunker Komeback
When I was a kid i rode my huffy w/ banana seat (looking for these to come back) on trails...
Mt bikes, jumps, castles! Only way to make it better would have rabbit with fangs!
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