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Fast n Slow   on Jan 19, 2019
updated Little Mountain conditions to Good
Fast n Slow   on Nov 11, 2018
updated Little Mountain conditions to Fair
Fast n Slow   on Nov 8, 2018
updated Little Mountain conditions to Fair
Fast n Slow   on Oct 20, 2018
updated Little Mountain conditions to Good
Fast n Slow   on Oct 13, 2018
updated Little Mountain conditions to Good
Hmmm, ask a gun manufacturer to support legislation that will hurt their sales and bottom line. Yep, these people still have no clue. I like REI, but there's no way I'm buying from them again. At least not until they charge the way they react to the uninformed minority.
Triton189 I agree 100%. Great article Greg.
I think they should change there name to IMBC International Mountain Bike Clubs. they should stay at that level. A non club oriented group should deal with state and federal trail access problems. At that level obviously IMBA has shown it can't be trusted.
And here I was expecting some sweet, single track with no hikers around.
Looks like it's strung across the trail 4 or 5 times. That's pretty chicken s#!+. Hopefully it's only one or two people doing this. Hope they get caught soon. There's absolutely no call for this. At least not in a rational world.
It's refreshing to see someone doing this that isn't a above average or pro rider. Gives us a more accurate out come.
"The Wilderness Act has worked perfectly so far" That's the problem, it hasn't worked perfectly. Excluding a group or group's just because they don't do things the way you do, is selfish. This is something that you would expect in a Communist country.
"Nothing motorized should be on MTB trails….period" Why?
I think they need more than a change of the board of directors. A move to a different city and state is also needed. I'm thinking Fayetteville Arkansas would be a good choice.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
I do a fair amount of flying into remote air strips to go camping. There's a strip in Idaho that's in a wilderness area. It was grandfatherd in when the WA was established. I was there camping with a friend, and we needed to fill up our water containers up at the ranger station. From…
There has been huge advancement in hiking gear and back packs as well. advancements that were not even imagined when the WA was first put in place. Equipment will advance in there intended purpose. Of course bikes have advanced in trail use, so have rode bikes. Matter of fact the bike I bought for my…
At the very least, we should all contact our legislators and let them know how we feel about H.R. 1349 and IMBA.
I,m pulling out all my support for IMBA. TRAITORS!!! I think a lawsuit is in order. A lot if people have made a lot of investment into IMBA with there time and money, just for them to turn around and do this.
The Devil's punch bowl use to be open to mtbing. It was a great ride. I'm not quite sure when they closed it to mountain bikers, but is still s good hike.
Fast n Slow   on Dec 5, 2017
commented on TNGA, the Movie - Watch the Trailer Now
My hat is of to anyone that does one these rides. But I see a video like this and I'm thinking "nope...not a chance I'm going to do that" . Then there's a part of me that thinks "that's totally cool," I could do that with some prep. Ok lots of prep.:)
Two wheels on a trail or double track in the woods in the mountains in the hills is mtbing. Doesn't really matter the bike as long as your peddling. Trial is trial, slope is slope. Can you trial or slope while mountain biking? Of course. Fat bike is like putting snow tires on your car.
I wonder if Aaron posted this because it has a place for 3 water bottles :)
Structural epoxy, most likely. Without the welds that will crack over time the frame should be stronger. It would be nice to know the weight. If it's done properly it should be lighter. I would be interested in test riding one.
Sounds like you need a few more McDonald's around there, so you can keep up with (burp) the rest of us.
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