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Lawrenceville // Georgia

Did you feel the rear travel was sufficient for what you rode? Did you ever bottom the rear out? Did you experience any of the rear rotor noise while climbing?
Truly an amazing person and story!
They're also available as 2.6" wide.
Even though I have and have had bikes with both GX and NX Eagle drivetrains, and don't have complaints about them, it's nice to see a departure from those drivetrains and someone using the new Shimano drivetrain's!
Some of those pictures of the trail look like I believe, South Rockdale Community Park???
I rode Tannery Knobs (although not all of it) 2 weeks ago. It's fun! The green trail is actually a lot of fun as you can rip it pretty fast, and repeat! Some of the berms in the corners really need to be raked free of the loose rock as they are quite slippery!
That dude rides hard!
2010tundra   on Jun 3, 2019
replied to Newbie heading to W NC area
Jody, I hired the guides at the Bike Farm for my first trip to the area, and rode in DuPont.  The Bike Farm is limited in where they can guide due to...
I'm going out there next month to ride...can't wait!
2010tundra   on Feb 21, 2019
asked a question about Bartram Trail / West Dam / Wildwood Park
Is this trail easily rideable on a gravel bike?
I have found that ditching the action camera, and forgetting about Strava, have both helped me enjoy riding more!
2010tundra   on May 13, 2017
added a review of Heritage Park

Wasn't sure what to expect from these trails due to overall limited information but I was quite pleased and will...
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