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Excellent written piece, one of the best I've read on Singletracks. Long live the steel hardtail! I'm gonna go hug my Canfield Nimble 9 now...
Awesome, thanks. I thought they looked like pretty fat 2.35s! Looking forward to the Oozy 345 review, too.
Greg - Did you happen to take "as-installed" measurements (actual widths) on each rim?
I think I'm still more excited about the new Nimble 9...
Good stuff, Greg. I'm still in the dark ages and ride a 32 x 11-36, but honestly have no real complaints. Personally, 50 teeth sounds (and looks) ridiculous, though I'd love to try it to see what kinds of techy climbs could be conquered. Combined with those plus tires, fitness must truly be the only…
Good stuff, Jeff. I wish the "decision making" factor was quantifiable, 'cause it's gotta be one of the most substantial energy-consuming aspects of mountain biking.
MTBrent   on Jul 15, 2015
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