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Mooresville // North Carolina

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Started in my teens when i lived in North Texas, but the trails there weren't as extreme as they are here. They were more like hiking trails than mountain bike trails like Fisher Farm in Davidson, or North Meck Park in Huntersville. Once i got to North Carolina thats when my introduction to the more extreme trails began.

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Daniel Lee Dault Jr.   on Nov 27, 2016
added Techfit Base Tee
When conditions get icy, wear this men's t-shirt to keep up with your training. Made of climawarm™ fabric, it creates...

another option you might try are bike gloves that have padding in them i use alpinestar moab gloves that have...
Daniel Lee Dault Jr.   on Nov 27, 2016
commented on Gamut Podium Pedals Review
I only use flats i hate clipon pedals they dont mesh with my riding style which consists of using my feet as a balance system if the back end slides out going around a corner which has happend many of times and without having my leg capable of catching the bike and myself would of…
iv wanted to take a trip to Bentonville Arkansas from north carolina to ride the slauterpin trails for a while now now i just have to go
i dont see how he got up from some of those falls uninjured

These work great they separate the cables perfectly without restricting them i like them so much i ordered another set...
I wish i was that good that was incredible
Thats a beautiful shot
good hints wish i had them when i started i did it the hard way on my own but i had been biking for years before i decided to go all in
the first thing i do when i get back from a ride after iv unloaded my bike and thrown my hydropack in the fridge so i can clean it later is get out of my mtb clothes throw them in the wash with ALL with Oxi detergent put it on delicate cold setting and wash…
iv done all this for a while but im naturaly slow and methautical when getting ready luckely my riding buddy lives over an hour away from me so by time he gets to my house iv already gotten ready and loaded my bike up and my gear in my pickup truck so all we have…
Daniel Lee Dault Jr.   on Nov 25, 2016
added 14 photos.
Compression: Ultra-tight, second skin fit. HeatGear® fabric, with all the benefits of UA Compression, comfortable enough to be worn all day Stretch-mesh...
Daniel Lee Dault Jr.   on Nov 25, 2016
commented on Watch: How to Ride Scary Terrain
This had really great tips but GMBN normally always does
im of the belief that every large biking group should have that one guy that has his bike fitted with bags and carry's everything that any one in the group would need if they break down he may be the slowest in the group but hes always the one that stops and helps you fix…
i find the adventure bikes interesting and as a mechanic of cars the gear box sounds really cool but i just feel that the E Bikes take away from what mountain biking is supposed to be and the weight would not help you when the motor is not being used
thats depressing i just realized i probably dont do enough maintenance on my bike as i probably should
my beginner mountain bike was a Moongoose Ledge 2.1 it held up long enough for me to enjoy the trails while i saved up enough to get my current bike a gravity say all you want about department store bikes but they give beginners something they can try beginner trails on the cheap to decide…

Great love it taste great and hydrates your electrolytes while you hydrate your self with water or whatever fluid of...
Daniel Lee Dault Jr.   on Nov 25, 2016
added 3 photos.
Staying hydrated is key to performing at your best. With 4% carbohydrates and all 5 electrolytes, CLIF SHOT Electrolyte Hydration...
Clif makes a Hydration Electrolyte drink mix dont know if youve ever seen it iv used it its good https://www.clifbar.com/products/Athlete-Series/electrolyte-hydration-drink
i just ordered the jagwire rotating s-hooks for myself
its true the fact that these trails are either on land owned by the cities they lie in or on private land that the owners allow them to be built on for us to ride on for free or little charge is a gesture of kindness that we should all be thankfull to and treat…
Daniel Lee Dault Jr.   on Nov 24, 2016
added Cable Rotating S Hooks
Rotating S-hooks securely hold housing segments together and prevent undue noise and migration. Cable Cross / S-Hook. Features: Two halves rotate...
this just goes to show that you can ride anything you want to you just have to put your mind to it it also goes to show that just because you can doesnt mean you should LOL

Update to previous review i bought the size smaller a small and they fit so much better and i discovered...

I love it its warm but not toasty when not riding so when ur riding and working up a sweat...
Daniel Lee Dault Jr.   on Nov 24, 2016
added 6 photos.
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