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No question, YES! I've thought this for years... Although a booklet may be too much. Perhaps a basic 2 sided card with the basics and a website listed to visit for more info--or even directions to app like this one, or MTB Project, Trailforks, etc. I believe that most people will do what's right when…
Willyjaybob   on Jul 3, 2016
updated Oak Mountain State Park Bump Trail conditions to Good
Willyjaybob   on Jun 18, 2016
added a photo
Yeah...not sure about their definition of hot. Most of my rides in the summer consist of 92-98 degrees and as high as 95% or more humidity. Stifling heat and air so thick that breathing is difficult even when not at full exertion. Not a chance I would wear black long sleeves (or even bibs) unless…
Willyjaybob   on May 20, 2016
spec'd a bike: Santa Cruz Tallboy
Willyjaybob   on Aug 3, 2015
added 2 photos.

Willyjaybob   on Jul 13, 2015
added 5 photos.
Willyjaybob   on Jul 11, 2015
added 5 photos.
Willyjaybob   on Jul 11, 2015
added a review of Lupine Trail

A fantastic ride to acclimate to the elevation and get a little bit of CB riding under your belt before...
Willyjaybob   on Jul 11, 2015
added a review of Rustler Ridge

Loved it! Did it on a 5 in travel with no problems.
Willyjaybob   on Jul 9, 2015
added a photo of Lupine Trail
Willyjaybob   on Jun 18, 2015
added 8 photos.
Willyjaybob   on Jun 17, 2015
updated Warrior Creek
to Dry.
Willyjaybob   on Apr 1, 2015
created a My Trails
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