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Most Americans? I'll give you half...but most is just as disingenuous as politicians using the phrase "...vast majority..." Just another phrase meant to persuade others rather than express a view. See ya REI and any other company that mixes politics with the services you provide.
piperpilot964   on Feb 2, 2018
replied to best bike watches?
Definitely the Petek Phillipe, or a nice Panerai, PAM 201. In all seriousness the Fenix line is BULLET proof and can double as a GPS.
piperpilot964   on Jul 31, 2017
updated Rockland Preserve conditions to Good
piperpilot964   on Jul 26, 2017
added a review of Wilton Woods

Agreed Taino, flow only really exists on the west blue down. Although the red does have good flow once you...
piperpilot964   on Jul 24, 2017
added a review of Twin Brooks Park

Many technical features, rock ridges, rollers, drops and gnar
piperpilot964   on Jul 24, 2017
added Twin Brooks Park
Very technical, punchy little climbs with some fun downhill sections as well as some long(for the area) double track climbs....
piperpilot964   on Jul 24, 2017
added a map of Twin Brooks Park
100%, but my main haunt is only 15 min away.  Others range from 35 to and hour drive.  Someday I'll go right out my back door to ride.
piperpilot964   on Jun 12, 2017
added a review of Glacier Ridge Preserve

Very good flow and a great workout with virtually zero tech. Well maintained, but there are many trees that still...
Nice Vid...Millers is a blast. Sortta like doing pushups and planks while ridding!!!
piperpilot964   on May 25, 2017
commented on Over a Beer: How to Suffer Less
For me....ridding always becomes moving meditation. Ridding is one of those rare activities that require your head to be there and only there, or bad things happen. All my worries, all the day's detritus, melt away for that time on the bike. Pain becomes part of it and adds to the mental and physical cleansing.…
Great article and not unsurprising. Me...I ride my bikes until they are dead or obsolete. I look at the "investment" potential in ways other than monetary. Such as...will it allow me to grow, progress, ride as hard as I want and where I want? Does it allow me to get out there and experience? I…
piperpilot964   on Feb 3, 2017
replied to Best Eastern USA MTB Descents
Gotta be something in VT that can stack up....nothing Bueller....

Fun flowy trails. As described good cardio workout. Some fun smooth climbs and well designed flow. Almost no tech of...
piperpilot964   on May 20, 2016
added 2 photos.
Christmas Eve 2015 Ride
piperpilot964   on Apr 26, 2016
added Intense Tracer 275c
Carbon Tracer Enduro/All Mountain
piperpilot964   on Apr 20, 2016
added a review of Wilton Woods

My weekday ride side since it is close to work. Great new blue line adjusted on the left climb (west)...
piperpilot964   on Apr 5, 2016
added a map of Wilton Woods
piperpilot964   on Mar 21, 2015
created a My Trails
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