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Staran Cycles manufactures and sells high quality mountain bikes, direct to consumers with "local" service you deserve
StaranCycles   on Aug 31, 2017
replied to Full suspension MTB for 2500$
Hey Toptube We have a great, all-around FS bike that fits well within your price range (we are in Canadian dollars) and will check all the boxes for performance! Check out our review Drop...
Good article Jeff. A solid group of us have done 24hr races for the last decade, the common trend (in almost ever csde) is that anyone who spends less than ~$125 will find themselves walking out at some point. The other thing with some cheapy lights is that they just aren't tidy packages so you…
Thanks for the review Jeff, glad you liked it! As you mentioned, we will be expanding Stateside. If any American friends are interested please drop us an email and we can make it happen.
Airlines I am spoiled because as a frequent flyer so I get to take it for free on Air Canada but agree airlines can vary wildly. In fact I get 3 for free, which I often take advantage of if a group of us goes somewhere. AC is $50 each way if you pay but…
Great article Greg! I am one of those lucky enough to travel with my bike to a lot of renowned riding locales. Even some of the not well-known locales (i.e. Manitoba, Canada) have surprised me. Every trail and area is a little different. I know everyone can't do it but if you can consider it.…
Some of you a little south of the border (Canadian border, that is) might get our CBC and they will be airing the women's race: Might be able to stream it too on Go Batty and Pendrel!
Aptly named article! Tough to find a good one and I would agree that less sodium = more taste.
Was that you commenting your legs were too short, Aaron. I laughed at that one ;)
Great podcast guys! Also, we sent you guys an XL not large. Could be why it's a little big. Luckily for the future Staran owners we have a 30 day return policy if you did get the wrong size ?? Cheers!
Great spots for sure Greg! I will throw one more in the mix that's technically east of the Rockies : Toronto, Ontario If you are willing to venture ~1hr in any direction (but south, that's Lake Ontario) you will find incredible trails from fun flowy stuff at Albion HIlls, Durham, or the Hydrocut, crazy climbs…
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