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cave creek // Arizona


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Good read! I'm a middle-aged MTB wannabe that lives in Arizona and I visit Maryland in the summer. Here are some observations from my first rides in Maryland after only riding in AZ: 1. I had only read about roots and might've taken the warnings too lightly! 2. While the humidity is brutal, I find…
Here's a new twist. I was going downhill recently after a long hard climb and I yielded for an uphill ride who passed me with a smile. But, he was on an e-bike! I thought, "Damn, that doesn't seem right!" There's a nuance there.
Great article. I highly recommend Cave Creek, Arizona. Ride the C4 Loop and hit Bryan's Black Mountain Barbecue. You can begin and end the loop from Bryan's. Many other great trails in proximity.
I rode here, today, and saw 2 rattlers. With one, I came around a corner, swerved to miss it, and it lunged upward in a false strike. It happened so fast. Startled me big time..... lol!!!
I think you do a solid job of snacking your own wrist with this summary statement, "well I guess I’m just a little bit jealous that the rest of the bike industry doesn’t have that kinda dough." So, I don't think it's necessary for others to bash on you. I get where you are coming…
6 segments equaling 1.25 miles and Vitry suggests this could end up being called the "best bike park...." causing parking issues. This is disingenuous, in my opinion. He's either not informed or intentionally creating fears.
Runkeeper pairs with a heart rate monitor. I do it regularly. I have a Samsung 6 edge and use a Wahoo chest strap to connect via Bluetooth. Works very well and will show your heart rate at any given spot on the mapped ride, etc.
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