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MaxwellD   on Mar 12, 2020
started a topic: Suspension GURUS, help me
I haveĀ a 2018 nomad with an X2. I'm 255 lbs, and am a fairly experienced rider. I have max volume spacers in and running max PSI in the shock. I am running...
MaxwellD   on Jan 22, 2020
replied to Northern/Central California Needs trails
Want to make it clear, I totally respect and thank those that have put countless hours into what already exists!
MaxwellD   on Jan 22, 2020
started a topic: Northern/Central California Needs trails
Perhaps one of the largest MTB communities in the country has the puniest trail system. When do you see VOD on pinkbike based out of Nor Cal, its always Squamish, Washington or...
MaxwellD   on Oct 23, 2019
replied to Leasing mtb
Good question. It would be you get a super high quality bike (8,000 + msrp) and get a 2 year lease for x amount. Would total to about say 3-3.5 k for...
MaxwellD   on Oct 20, 2019
started a topic: Leasing mtb
So, question for all mtbers out there... Would you least a mtb if it was a decent price? Just a question to know whether or not to pursue it.

Great downhills and scenery, but uphill climbs are HORRIBLE! Just be ready for them.
MaxwellD   on Aug 10, 2017
added Drone
Incredible new drone, comes with a backpack case, karma grip, propellers, easy-to-use remote, and some other cool gadgets/features. This is...
MaxwellD   on Aug 10, 2017
replied to Trust worthy online mtb shop???
What i use the most is performance.... they are a great company, and near me, they even have a couple retail stores so you REALLY know they are legit. Jenson USA has the...
MaxwellD   on Jul 13, 2017
replied to What bike rack do you use?
it really varies on what kind of car/vehicle you plan on using your bike rack for. I currently use a Thule (hitch mounted), and that is all I have ever used. You pay...
MaxwellD   on Jul 13, 2017
replied to Santa Cruz
GET THE HIGHTOWER! I have ridden this bike, and it is an absolute dream on the trail. If live in the area, you can go and trail ride any santa cruz bike in...
Traps on trails is a concern, and It has been a problem in the past, for example, Steaks in the ground at trails near me. But when I read this article, and found out how much this trail is ridden, and how popular it is, it seems a little skeptical that miraculously he was the…
MaxwellD   on May 18, 2017
started a topic: For Norcal riders.... or others (Mt. Diablo)
Anyone here know the best ride to do on diablo. Me a couple of friends are going to get dropped at the top, (where is the best place to be dropped?) and...
MaxwellD   on Mar 13, 2017
replied to Best vehicle for mountain biking?
Truck all the way. There is going to be that one time that you think you do not need the AWD, or the ground clearance, and you are wrong, mighty wrong and...
MaxwellD   on Mar 2, 2017
added a photo of Garmin Garmin Fenix 5x
This is the all new Garmin Fenix 5x
MaxwellD   on Mar 2, 2017
added Garmin Fenix 5x
Beat yesterday, and be sure of getting back. f"nix 5X is the ultimate multisport GPS watch with full-color TOPO mapping...
MaxwellD   on Mar 2, 2017
replied to What was your first mountain bike?
had an old specialized rockhopper, one of the original ones, was a hammy-down from my big bro. Went to conondale from there, then now back to specialized! cant get away from it!...
MaxwellD   on Feb 24, 2017
replied to Full face helmets?
I ride with the bell super, and even though its not downhill rated, (as in you can not use it in a downhill race) it will definitely protect you and its an...
MaxwellD   on Feb 23, 2017
started a topic: Shuttle Service in Santa Cruz
So, I am a biker out of the bay area and quite often ride the flow trails of Santa Cruz. If you ride these trails you know there is a 4+ mile...
MaxwellD   on Feb 23, 2017
replied to Climbing Techniques
Thanks for the Tips guys. I we be sure to share this information with the person who asked! I just try to focus on the present, and not try and think about how...
MaxwellD   on Feb 23, 2017
replied to Shuttle Service in Santa Cruz
Yes well it is a fire trail so would that still work you think? Shouldn't be too much wear and tear? On weekends and holidays there is always many people there. We could...
MaxwellD   on Feb 22, 2017
commented on News: SRAM X01 Drivetrain Announced
I love this X01 setup. I got it on my specialized stumpjumper, is an awesome crank and derailleur etc.
MaxwellD   on Feb 22, 2017
updated Anthony Chabot Regional Park conditions to
MaxwellD   on Feb 23, 2017
updated Diablo Foothills Regional Park conditions to
MaxwellD   on Feb 22, 2017
updated China Camp conditions to
MaxwellD   on Feb 22, 2017
updated Joaquin Miller conditions to
MaxwellD   on Feb 22, 2017
updated Redwood Regional Park conditions to
MaxwellD   on Feb 22, 2017
replied to Free Ride Park! SJ
never ridden a flow trail or freestyle course on flat ground so going to be interesting!
MaxwellD   on Feb 22, 2017
started a topic: Climbing Techniques
I got this questions the other day, had a couple simple answers like just make it a rhythm etc. but I thought I would take the question here, to the great knowledge...
MaxwellD   on Feb 22, 2017
added a review of Summit Bicycles

Awesome Bike shop. Went here to one time get a rental for santa cruz. Also got the shuttle service from...
MaxwellD   on Feb 22, 2017
added a review of Planet Bike

have got service here, an awesome place. The staff is helpful, and they are great.
MaxwellD   on Feb 22, 2017
added a review of JAY'S CYCLES

This is a great bikeshop. They sell specialized, (their main brand). I bought numerous bikes here when I lived on...
MaxwellD   on Feb 22, 2017
replied to Upgrades and Rides today?
Riding 1x10 or 11 makes a world of difference when doing xc, trail riding. It makes everything simpler, and switching gears is quick and easy. @triton189, I will have to check out...
MaxwellD   on Feb 22, 2017
replied to The pluses of 29er over 27.5
I had a 29er, and it rolls really nice. Now i have the 27.5 and i like it better to bumpier terrain. The 27.5 i feel is faster, and feel i have...
I always wear a pack when the ride is longer. When the ride is shorter, like just some random aft. then I will just throw a bottle in the cage, and pack...
Thanks for the helpful tips! Have to keep working! 2000 is a lot I thought! lol
Thanks for the tips and tricks! good video.
Great article. This will help me as we have been having such bad weather here, rain, pretty cold. Thanks for the inspiration and the tips!
Love danny. He is an awesome rider, and puts his own twist on everything he does. Make sure to check out, "wee day out" if you have not seen it. A great video
MaxwellD   on Feb 21, 2017
started a topic: Free Ride Park! SJ
New free ride, dirt jump, and flow trail park opening soon in SJ, Ca. I called the other day to see when they were opening and they said that it was postponed...
MaxwellD   on Feb 21, 2017
commented on IMBA Announces New Model Trails
Does anyone know when the flow trail in Santa Cruz is rebuilt? I think it is every year, just not sure when. Anyone? :)
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