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I would say I'm the sort of person eMTBs are being marketed to. I can afford to buy one. I've been riding MTB four years. I'm 58 years old. I ride up and over the mountains I live next to every time I go for a ride. It took me most of my first year…
The hazards of living in a heavily populated area, I guess. Time to find other, less traveled, trails.
A J MacDonald Jr   on Mar 12, 2017
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You might consider buying the Sunrace 11-42 cassette, Goatlink, and 30t narrow-wide chainring. I like this setup better than the 2x my bike came with. I also like tubeless is much better...
Bolt on thru axle please. Thanks.
I need my pain.
What's a good GPS device to have for mountain biking? The Garmin Edge 1000 looks like the best one, but can it be used to find single track trails?
Awesome article! I'm planning on getting out there this year for sure! : )
I guess I'm very fortunate. In the mountains where I ride there are no machine built, or purpose built MTB trails. All we have are natural trails, which are used by a small number of mountain bikers, hikers, and horseback riders. The trails sustain very little damage, even during wet weather.
Why do shoes for clipless pedals have buckles?
Good article Greg. I'm nearing the end of my third year of mountain biking, and I'll be 57 in a couple of weeks. I really enjoy mountain biking, and my prayer is always "Lord please don't let me break something on me or my bike, because I always want to be able to ride." I…
I agree with the need for a quick-draw pepper spray system. The "concentrated and powerful stream" Jeff mentioned is a pepper gel, which is better than spray because it doesn't blow back....

I've bought two mountain bikes from Josh. He knows bikes -- both road and mountain. Quick Release is the place...
A J MacDonald Jr   on Oct 5, 2016
spec'd a bike: Giant Anthem SX 27.5
A J MacDonald Jr   on Oct 5, 2016
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My Giant Anthem SX (2015)
I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I have an old cell phone I take with me. That's it.

Ray's Indoor MTB park is truly an epic ride! I had a great time there!
A J MacDonald Jr   on Feb 9, 2016
added a photo of Trek Superfly 8
My bike
A J MacDonald Jr   on Feb 2, 2016
added a photo of Ray's Mtb Park
@Ray's MTB Park in Cleveland, Ohio
Depends upon the types of trails you're riding. I don't ride manufactured, purpose built MTB trails.
Another great podcast. I think one important factor is the type of bike trails being considered. Wilderness area trails will...
Good discussion. I bought two low-end bikes online last year when I was getting into MTB for the first time....
Very informative! Thanks!
It depends upon the rider, the terrain, and the style of riding. I was able to buy a bike this...
Good podcast. I agree: motor + bike = motorbike
A J MacDonald Jr   on May 29, 2015
added a photo of Giant Anthem SX 27.5
My bike
A J MacDonald Jr   on Aug 26, 2014
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