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giantman25   on Jul 30, 2016
added a review of Tranquility

Fun trail. No steep climbs, but the majority of it is going from gradual climbing to flat terrain. Not too...
giantman25   on Mar 19, 2016
added a review of Advanced Loop

I love this trail. My rider level is on the lower end of intermediate, so this trail really tested my...

Just went out there 3 days ago. I only rode the white trail, which was fun but it's been used...
giantman25   on Dec 18, 2015
added a review of The Trails At Fontanel

Very easy, no obstacles whatsoever. Great for first time riders. Two switch backs and that's it. Two mile track. Not...
giantman25   on Aug 31, 2015
added a review of Anderson Truck Trail

Great trail, take GPS or topographical map. Branches off in a lot of places and some trails lead to private...
giantman25   on Aug 15, 2014
added a review of Rotary Park

Nice track if they can keep the kids from destroying the course. It makes it a danger to riders. Good...
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