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Craig Gjerdingen   on May 30, 2015
added a review of Coldwater Mountain

Rented a Trek Slash at Wigs in Anniston ( nice shop), and rode out to the trail, starting on the...

World class hills all around, 5-7 days of fun for sure. make the trip.
All the stuff I want!

Major supporters of local trails, rides, and try it out days. They truely love MTB at this shop. I've seen...
Angry Catfish Bicycle Coffee Bar
Craig Gjerdingen   on Sep 5, 2014
added Framed Minnesota
Framed wanted to solve two problems. First, they wanted to make a nicely spec'd fatty for under $900. they did...
Craig Gjerdingen   on Jul 31, 2014
added The Border Crossing
White Tail Ridge Corporate Park, River Falls, Wisconsin KORC would like to thank everyone that voted our event the 2013 event...
Large easy-to-read display Eleven most popular wheel sizes pre-programmed Features wireless speed and distance, and wired current, average, and max cadence Has a...
Craig Gjerdingen   on Jul 31, 2014
added a photo of Murphy Hanrehan
About mid point in the back section.
Craig Gjerdingen   on Jul 31, 2014
created a My Trails
Craig Gjerdingen   on Jul 31, 2014
added a review of Murphy Hanrehan

Nice an flowie. Seems to focus on single track flow over all else. Some advanced technical features, but mostly skill...
Craig Gjerdingen   on Jul 31, 2014
added a review of Lebanon Hills

Nice flow to this trail. Technical sections are pretty good. Not many jumps on this trail however. Really could use...
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Trail is pretty grooved out. You'll hit your pedals on the side quite a bit... Feels like riding a shoot/slide....
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