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TASCO socks are the best.
Tasco and HandUp are two brands to watch. I probably prefer the Tasco gloves more just because they tend to run larger than HandUp.
I'm using TrainerRoad for my organized training and then I leave my outdoors rides for enjoyment. During the winter here I'm on the trainer 4-5 times a week but now in the summer I ride the trainer twice a week and outside 2-3 times a week. I'll take a few weeks off the trainer in…
HandUp Gloves is my go to glove with Tasco a close second. I've used the TLD and Fox gloves but I want a simpler, no padding, light weight glove and HandUp is what I wear.
voghan   on Feb 10, 2017
spec'd a bike: Santa Cruz Bantam
Those trails sure are rowdy! He has some videos of his rides in Spain that are pretty gnarly.
voghan   on Feb 9, 2017
commented on Watch: Mountain Biking the Suicide Trail
Link to his video gear: http://bk-xc.com/my-mountain-biking-camera-gear. Its a Hero 4 with a Evo SS gimbal.
voghan   on Jul 8, 2014
checked in at Elm Creek Park
voghan   on Jul 8, 2014
updated Elm Creek Park
to Tacky.
voghan   on Jul 8, 2014
created a My Trails
voghan   on Jul 8, 2014
added a review of Santa Cruz Bantam

Its nimble, climbs great, durable and has quality components for the price point.
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