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It always amuses me how one group feels they should have exclusive rights to land while trying everything and anything to exclude others. IMHO , it boils down to $$$ and influence (who you know) how these things turn out. Big Corporations have been harming the environment for 100s of years yet continue to do…
Only 26" hoops or are 27.5 and 29ers in the works. Looks interesting!
Luis Hernandez   on Aug 8, 2014
added a comment on The Strava Effect on Mountain Biking
Being competitive by nature, I took to strava like a fish to water. Not the fastest by any means but...
Luis Hernandez   on Jun 23, 2014
added a review of Black Canyon Trail

Did this trail from exit 242, off HWY 17 . I consider myself an intermidiate rider and found the trail...
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