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Thanks for the review. Any idea on frame weight? Do they sell frame only?
Sorry for not giving more specifics. Thanks for considering my question. I ride a Ripley now. Was looking at the HD3 as my "enduro" machine. I don't race, but I wanted bigger, slacker, burlier rig for trips out West and my rougher trails here in VT. I don't want a shuttle sled. I want poppy,…
Is this an everyday trail bike like the HD3 is?
Nice work. Rollovers scare me. Those are too big. What are the orange cable balls you have, Seth? I like organization.
I got a frame bag from alpinethreadworks.com. Pretty awesome. http://www.alpinethreadworks.com/products/performance-satchel.html A Waterbottle on my frame gets me through most workday rides. For longer rides I'll wear a jersey and throw in an extra bottle. When...
Danny V Jones   on Aug 1, 2015
added a review of Rockland Preserve

Great set of trails. After using Westwoods for years on my visits to Madison, CT, I logged onto singletracks to...
Danny V Jones   on Jun 30, 2014
created a My Trails
Danny V Jones   on Jun 30, 2014
added a review of Earl's Trails

I agree....surpisingly fun trails. Will definitely hit it again when I do my I91 VT-CT trips.
Danny V Jones   on May 5, 2014
added a photo of Niner Jet 9 RDO
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